Snowy days homework

Good Morning Year 5,

We hope you have been enjoying the snow so far and not been too cold!

It’s now time to catch up with a bit of school work. We have endeavoured to make it interesting and varied so you can choose the work that inspires you. There are 8 choices and we would like you to pick two very different ones. As we are only asking you to complete 2 pieces today they need to be to your best ability and of the highest quality.

If school is closed again tomorrow, you may want to pick a further two pieces.

Please click on the link (Mr Still is working on adding it) to see the work that has been set and it will also be sent to you as an attachment on parent mail.

Class 5 Snow Work

Enjoy the snow and keep warm.

Mrs Grimble and Mrs Gillhouley

Spelling Super Stars!!!!

Just when I was beginning to lose faith, it has finally happened. Two amazing achievements…

Number One: We have had 100% attendance this week – first time this academic year.

Well done!

Number Two: 100% of the class got 100% of their spellings correct in today’s test! So extra play was had by all.

Great work Year 5J

Next week it’s homophones – crickey, better get learning them now…

Mrs G





Birdman, Spaceman, Ironman


Last term finished on a fanfare, having fun with feathered friends. Take a look at our  photos of year 3 ‘birders’ enjoying the activities of bird week.

Spacemen and Spacewomen!

This term started with a inspiring interactive show from the UK Space Agency giving a glimpse into what it takes to get a robot onto Mars. We learned how maths, mapping, geology and computer programming are all essential space skills.

Year 3 have been learning to code during IT lessons so we were particularly interested in how Jo from the Space Agency programmed her robot. We now know how important algorithms are and how debugging and trial and error are part of the life of a computer programmer or a scientist. Year 3 have log-ins to the site so they can practise their coding safely on home computers too.

Iron Man

Our book focus this term is the mysterious story of ‘ The Iron Man‘ by Ted Hughes. We already have a huge number of questions about him: Where did he come from? Who controls him? Why do his eyes change colour? Is he dangerous?  Why does he not go rusty when he walks into the sea?  We hope to be able to answer all these questions as we explore the story.

This week we wrote newspaper stories about the Mystery of the Missing Machines, imagining ourselves into the Iron Man story by acting out different scenes from the book so far. Here are some pictures from our Iron Man drama lesson.




On Wednesday, Year 3, 4 and 5 had a special treat when Jo Fox from the UK SPACE AGENCY visited to teach us about the use of robotics in space, and in particular, missions to Mars.  We were delighted to be entertained by her NAO robot and even had a go at giving NAO an algorithm to instruct her to perform a sequence of actions. To our astonishment, our demonstration was interrupted by an incoming SKYPE call from the Space Agency needing us to help with their mission to Mars! We used our knowledge of co -ordinates to find a safe spot to land on the planet, negotiated our way through “Marsquakes”  to find evidence of life on Mars, and helped to construct safe housing pods.  Mission complete!

Year 5 were fortunate to be able to attend a further workshop in which they built Mars Rovers, and learned to program them using iPads.

The workshop was so awesome! I  have never made a rover before and we got it to move across the hall floor using coding on the iPads.

This was a real treat with lots of learning, inspiring children to choose careers in the space industry. I am certain that many of the children watching this demonstration will indeed become engineers, programmers, architects and work in this field in future, given their level of enthusiasm and engagement today. An excellent workshop!


It is not long now before we commence our fun learning during BIRD WEEK. The children will be involved in many cross curricular activities ranging from creating birds in art, doing surveys and producing graphs, writing bird poems, stories and fact files and I am sure the highlight of the week will be the visit from EAGLE HEIGHTS.

Meanwhile, we are working hard to encourage as many birds to visit our school with the our wonderful array of new bird feeders. Thank you to everyone who has made one. I was delighted to see so many entries. The winners will be announced next week.

Thank you also to the families who did the Big Garden Birdwatch survey last weekend. I will be sending your sightings off to the RSPB which will help them with their very important research.  Next week, we will be surveying the birds that visit St Johns too!

Children in Year 4 and 6 were invited to  write fact files about some of the  birds they saw in their gardens. Their work is beautiful and is now on display between in the corridor between Year 4 and 6.  

On a lighter note: next week we would love the children to bring in some of their funniest birdie jokes to add to our ” Egg-cellent yolks wall”. Teachers will be adding their “cracking” jokes too! Egg-stremely funny jokes will  be egg-statically received.


Lights, Camera, Action!

This term, Mr Field has been teaching Year 4 to use iPads and iMovie to create a variety of different movies. The children have been working fantastically in small groups, creatively planning their short films, writing scripts as well as acting and filming their work.

The children developed their own visual facts-files as well as making a silent video to help remember their times tables.  Most recently we have been looking at school etiquette and focused on creating a video on what to do and what not to do around the school. This was a unique opportunity for the children to demonstrate their acting skills while they temporally misbehaved in the classroom.

In maths, with Mr Field, children have been learning about lines of symmetry and how to reflect shapes on a grid, the children seem to really be grasping these skills and are continuing to make great progress. With Mrs Casewell, the children have been developing their understanding of division through manipulatives. We have learnt the terms divisor, dividend, quotient and remainder to help us to explain our maths clearly. We have also been extending our thinking to solving reasoning problems like, “My friend says that if I have a dividend that is even and a divisor of 2, there will never be a remainder. Is she correct? Explain.”  Please continue to practise times tables as this knowledge is essential for the fraction work which we will be starting next term, and will  help the children to feel more confident in their learning.

In literacy, we have been reading the book, Varjak Paw, and most of the children have changed their initial opinions from “Not sure if I’ll enjoy it,” to ” Loving it!”They can’t wait to read on and we will therefore continue this text next term. Please try to resist the temptation to read it over half term.

Reminder: On Friday the 2nd of February the Roman Empire will be coming to St John’s as it is it is Roman Day in Year 4! We would like to encourage all children to get creative and dress up as a Roman. The day will involve a workshop in the morning with a Roman themed lesson throughout the day. It is going to be a great day.


May the battle commence!

This first term of 2018 is flying by!

We are almost at the end of our work on the poem, Beowulf. As a class, we have really enjoyed the story so far and the work we have undertaken. Our favourite so far has been the news reports we wrote and presented on the massacre in Geatland by the monster Grendel. Every group presented their news and interviewed their eye witnesses brilliantly. It was just like watching the news live on TV!


This week  the King of Geatland advertised for a brave warrior to defeat the mighty monster. Here is a snippet from one of our adverts.

Imagine a warrior who is fearless in the face of danger, who is intelligent and stealthy, who can save thousands of people: we need this warrior, is it you?

Do you enjoy killing your enemies? Are you good at protecting others? Are you the bravest warrior around? Then this is the perfect mission for you!

We need a gallant warrior to kill a blood-thirsty monster.   Your responsibilities will be …

At last we have met Beowulf himself and using a formal application form we have applied for the post to rid Geatland of this terrible monster. On Monday, we are looking forward to writing our personal statements to finish the application process so that the battle may commence.

Our maths lessons have shown the brilliant mathematicians that we all are. We have all learnt to multiply 3 and 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers using the compact method. Here is an example, ask your child to show you how we do it.

This week, we are learning to divide using the division bracket and now we can all divide 3 and 4-digit numbers by 1-digit including remainders! Well done everyone.

We have all started looking up into the night sky as our science topic is Earth and Space. It is such an interesting topic that we have had many discussions about black holes and the planets in our solar system. Next term, we have a workshop coming on this subject which will be exciting. Here is our research on the planets:


The final week of term is Bird Week and we have many exciting activities planned which includes our theatre trip to see David Walliams play, Awful Auntie. Remember to look out for the birds in your garden in the next few weekends.

As always, thank you for all your help and support completing homework and learning spellings and times tables.

Carol Service

The end of term is always very special with Key stage 1 Nativity plays and the Carol Service.  Two full houses watched the performances of the Nativity which again proved what an exceptional team we have at St Johns.  The acting, singing and dancing of the pupils was outstanding (remember they are only aged 4 – 7), all of them smiling and putting real meaning into their words as well as keeping to the rhythm of the music.  Add the costumes, thanks to the parents, and the dedication of the teachers and you have the perfect result.

The Key stage 2 Carol Service at a  packed St. John’s Church was just what Christmas is all about.  Mulled wine and mince pies greeted the congregation and then the choir and orchestra wowed us with their singing and music.  There were readings from Penny Boshoff, member of staff; Jo Maxim, Governor; Grace Anderson, former pupil; George, Yr 6 pupil; David Stringer, parent and Gordon Fisher, volunteer.  Fr Robin brought the service to an end by explaining in simple terms the rather complicated last reading and so ended another memorable Carol Service.

World War Two Wonders and Workshops

This term has seen us develop a wonder and thirst for knowledge in all things World War Two.

We’ve researched political leaders from the outbreak to the end of the war, we’ve written a speech as Neville Chamberlain – the Prime Minister at the commencing of the war, we’ve written diary entries as William Beech and Mr. Thomas Oakley from the war-based story “Goodnight Mr.Tom” and we’ve just started our chilling discovery of truly horrific German propaganda, especially the stories written for children.

So as you can see, we have been very busy and hard at work throughout our term in Class 6.


Our highlight of the term so far has to be our History Workshop from Knole Trust on all things World War Two. We were incredibly lucky and excited to receive such an amazing 2 hour session from Jennifer Whiteoak and her experienced team of volunteers.

Below are pictures of our brilliant time full of fun and learning.

As you can see we had such a wonderful time, however, this experience would not have been possible were it not for our incredible volunteer, Gordon.

Gordon not only comes to read with our class twice a week, every week, he also inspires us with his knowledge and experiences in life. Gordon was the man to bring our attention to this workshop, as he volunteers for Knole trust too! Not only that, Gordon also donated his time to speak to our class about his own war experiences, as he was evacuated from London during the Second World War. If that wasn’t possibly enough, Gordon has also sent a donation to the school to fund the workshop.

Class 6 and I cannot possibly thank Gordon enough, his kind, generous nature helps support our class in so many ways.

Thank you, Gordon!