Infant Agility

12 pupils from Forms 1/2 were competing against 14 Primary Schools in the Knole Academy Hall for the right to take part in the Kent Schools final later in the Term.
Each child had to do 7 Floor exercises which follow the pattern of any normal adult Keep Fit Gym Routine. One has to say the pupils level of fitness & the level of concentration to do their very best in each exercise was very impressive . (Most adults would have found this a challenge )
We will know the final result in a few days time. Sheralyn & I were a little put out at the end of the 2 hour session at how tired we felt just watching them !!!

Carroty Wood

I visited Year 4 at Carroty Wood today at midday. Although they had only been there for 2 hours they had already unpacked and made themselves at home. All pupils and staff were very happy despite earlier tears and slight sickness on the coach!

The 58 children were working in their class groups – 4P were enjoying rounders organised by Mr Stringer while 4C were devouring packed lunches with their leaders

They were counting down the minutes until their high and low rope challenges which were due to begin at 1.00pm. Mrs Smith, Buzz and I were sad to leave the tranquility of this wonderful venue.

Here’s hoping everyone enjoys a good night’s sleep after all the fantastic activities they have experienced today

Edward Oatley – Report on the End of Term

St John’s always arranges an entertaining and thought provoking last few days of term.

The first event was Easter Service at the Church on Thursday morning for the whole school to which parents were invited. Year 3 performed a mini play telling us the Easter story in clear and well learned words. The 50 strong choir sang beautifully “For the Beauty of the Earth” and the excellent 20 strong recorder group played and sang “Hot Cross Buns”.  A reading by Lucas Drewry from Year 6 and a talk from Fr Robin completed the service.

This was followed by the Inter-House sports in the afternoon. It just happened to be the hottest day of the year so far and for one and a half hours the children in Years 3-6 were locked in friendly sporting competition in netball, football and rugby with the whole school there supporting.  The fields now look like Wembley Stadium thanks to Dave and it was very special to be with the children and staff soaking up the St John’s family atmosphere. We all assembled back on the playground for the results, which I am ashamed to say I have forgotten!, but a different House won each event so honours were spread and it was the importance of taking part which was the aim of the afternoon and in that everyone was a winner.

(Mrs Quirk adds…Yellow Newton won the football, Green Nightingale won the rugby and Red Brunel won the netball. I lobe it that Edward was the official scorer and can’t remember!)

The end of term Assembly started with the excitement of the result of the House Competition. Yellow were the winners on 599 points with Red second just 20 points behind.  We then had the results of the “Wild About Words” competition which Tracey Thompson and Fiona Innes have been organizing.  The school has been having a real push to encourage reading and writing with great success.  The children were asked to write any story of their choice of 500 words maximum and it was open to all ages (4-11).  44 children entered which shows just how successful this has been.

Results: Age 4-6        lst Florence Astor, 2nd Torben Rusby and 3rd Isabella Henry

Age 7-9        1st Edie Digney, 2nd Eloise Tyler and 3rd Laura Ball

Age 10-11    1st Gracie Temp, 2nd Grace Anderson and 3rd Elekwachi Ukwu


The winners’ stories were all read out with Edie and Grace reading their own stories. Obviously Tracey and Fiona are to be congratulated but again, as is normal at St John’s, this was a great team effort by all the staff and the end result has been a really tremendous and genuine realization of the value in reading and writing throughout the school.

A great end of term!



This was open to all Primary Schools in the area. Any child could enter their own Decorated Victoria Sponge that they had cooked themselves.

Another great example of children “having a go” and it was impressive to see 11 children from St Johns entering their cakes. The Kitchen staff were asked to come in to judge the anonymised entries. They all agreed that the entries were a good standard & all showed potential for future “Bake Off” TV stars. The winner was Ruby Neeves & she now goes through to the semi-final in the Knole Food Technology Kitchens where she will be on her own in another cake challenge on the day (with the support of a year 9 pupil to help with the ovens) We wish her all the best for that event on April 20th. Her cake today was delicious!

Not only for the mums but for everybody this was an inspiring and well prepared service. The staff at St Johns, to me, are just so special and each class had obviously taken real quality time in thinking of all the ways their mothers play such a vital, loving and important part of their lives. Every word spoken or sung had real meaning and was said from the “heart”. The church was packed full and the family atmosphere and all that was said set many heart strings going. At the end we sang the school song which was written by our very talented Sarah Marsh. The words play such an important part of the Way of Life at St Johns and certainly in the preparation for this service. – Happiness, Compassion, Tolerance, Understanding, Resilience, Positive Action and making things right.

The school song just says it all and it is worth having a copy at home – on the back of your service sheet!


Hello. I’m Dennis Ward and the Governor attached to the science team lead by Mrs Casewell.

As I’m sure you know Mrs Casewell is an extremely dedicated and imaginative science teacher.  She sees a science application wherever she is and in whatever she is does, from making toast in the morning to driving the car home at night and everything in between.  She has an outstanding ability to inspire the children with her ideas and make science an everyday part their lives.  In fact she is so enthusiastic that, together with Miss Parfett, she is working extremely hard to attain a Gold Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) for the school.  This will give St John’s an excellent reputation for science teaching.

PSQM is an outstanding support tool for developing science in any school.  It improves scientific experiences and outcomes for all children and teachers.  It does, though, entail a lot of dedicated work including sharing experience with other schools and fulfilling the considerable demands of a mentor – and they are considerable at the Gold Mark level!

Currently we hear a lot about the need to increase interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in the media and are encouraged to start this early in a child’s education.  In St John’s we embrace this and the recent STEM week was an excellent example.  The school is buzzing with its success and there is almost constant chatter amongst the children about the programme Mrs Casewell devised.  As you can see from the Science Blogs it was an exciting, interesting and well organised week with presentations, workshops, a KNEX competition and much else besides – lots of variety for all ages from Reception to Y6.  The week was an excellent illustration of Mrs Casewell’s organising ability and her and her colleagues’ presentation and communication skills.

Clearly the children thoroughly enjoyed the week and long may the children grow from strength to strength in these subjects, not only in St John’s but throughout the rest of their schooldays and, indeed, lives.

Another Hockey Success!

We really are making our mark on the Primary School Hockey Scene.
Yesterday teams from forms 3/4 had their competition to find the winners to play the Malling winners for a place in the Kent School Games. Just as last week the “A” team won all their games with the “B” team putting on a promising performance mostly against “A” teams. Everything I said about Sevenoaks Hockey Club and the association it has with the Primary schools and St Johns was proved here again and again St Johns were very impressive with a mature understanding of the tactics in any given match and go through to the play-off.. What has really made both these competitions a joy to take part in is the help and encouragement each school gives to each other to get the best out all the participants. Yes competition but great sportsmanship.

Team ATeam B
Finley Chandler CausonDylan Richardson
Mackenzie CoppMia Sargeant
Rebecca HukinsTed Smith
Caitlyn SempleGrace Taylor
Georgia HouchinAmber Ridler
Reuben WagstaffHarvey Giles
v St Johns "B" : won 2-0v St Johns "A" : lost 0-2
v Churchill : won 6-0v St Lawrence "A" : won 2-0
v Lady Boswell : won 1-0v Lady Boswell "A" : lost 0-2
v St Lawrence : won 5-0v Churchill "A" : lost 0-3
v Amherst : won 3-2


Pyjamas for Palmer Day

It was so lovely to see so many children in their pyjamas and onesies for our Pyjamas for Palmer day. In assembly, the children learnt about Myeloma UK, the work that they do and their fundraising events.

We would like to thank you all for your incredible generosity. Together we have raised £457 for Myeloma UK. I know Martin Palmer and his family would like to thank you for your continued support.

Happy Birthday, Martin!

pj day