Inter-House Hockey Tournament


Gerran become Green’s top scorer

Greens finish 3rd

Yellows win the tournament

@ St John’s| 8th December 2016


After rigorous training sessions from all teams, each house’s hockey squad prepared to play in the school’s Inter-House Hockey tournament. The first match, which was between the Reds and the Blues, had finished a draw. As the two teams lined up, a continuous buzz filled the atmosphere, with each team chanting, in the hope that they would triumph in their individual matches and, eventually, win the competition.

Mrs Silvester, the PE teacher and referee, blew her whistle and then the two teams began their duel. A series of exhilarating box-to-box play saw Green House take the first corner, which was cleared by the Yellows.  After some incredible midfield play from Sophie Edwards and Alfie Chart (who are in Class 6) the Yellows exploited the weakness of Green House’s defence, attacking ferociously, tearing away, driving the ball out to the right wing. Alfie Chart took a powerful shot at goal. Ilyas McKenna, who had been drafted into the team earlier in the day, made a diving save, sending the ball out for a corner. The Yellows readied themselves for the second corner of the game. The ball came in. Alfie’s incredible reaction, which was superior to that of Green House’s defence, lead to a powerful shot, which could have easily been his first goal of the tournament. After a ball in Green possession, the Yellow attack capitalised on a passage of inconsistent Green house play.

After Lily Ridler’s struggle in outside the “D” area, she passed to Alfie who, calm and collected, shot the ball towards goal: 1-0.

The remainder of the first half saw the tension soar and the atmosphere intensify, as Yellow House scored their second goal, leaving Green House disappointed and frustrated at their performance.

At half-time, the two teams huddled together, with Yellow House’s team talk being lively and celebratory, in contrast to the wave of frustration that Green House were drowned in. Seconds later, play resumed with Alfie scoring the first goal of the second half, speeding away on the break, with the Greens failing in their attempt to stop him. Minutes later, it seemed as if Green House spirit had left them with the chants of the beginning of the game becoming merely history. The Yellows scored again with Alfie substituting off the pitch. At this moment, I interviewed Gerran Prescott, a member of Green House and Class 5. Seeming infuriated, he said, “Unfortunately, there has been no reaction from our defenders; Alfie has been running rings around us!”

The Yellows scored their fifth and sixth goals, with the Greens giving an almost unconditional surrender. In the game’s final moments Gerran, of Green House, scored Green House’s solitary goal, a form of consolation perhaps.

Final Result:





“There is always hope.” Those were the words of Ilyas McKenna after Green House’s shocking performance against the Yellows. Heading into their second game, captain Paddy Beary seemed to have succeeded in his attempts to rouse his team, as they went into their second fixture of the tournament confident, hoping to bounce back from their dire defeat to the Yellows. The Blues started their game strong, with captains Chloe Robinson and Harrison Kemsley starring in their valiant attempt to jeopardise Green House’s title hopes. Finley, who proved to be a hat-trick hero in their previous game against the Reds, was gifted with many opportunities and was able to convert one of those opportunities into a goal, putting the Blues 1-0 into the lead.

Although they were losing, the Greens, unlike in their last match, never seemed to surrender, with Paddy and Gerran both dribbling down the flanks at multiple times. Then it was Harrison’s moments of stardom. After a few accurate passes from Chloe Robinson, Harrison attempted the impossible. Tried the unthinkable. He, quickly, switched his stick round leaving Green House’s defenders confused, before swiping at the ball…………GOAL!!!!!

At the end of the first half, I interviewed the young man; he responded, “I was thinking `I’ve got to score. My team needs it.’”

The match soon recommenced, with the Blues quickly clinching their third and fourth goals not long after half-time. Green House did, in fact, score twice courtesy of Gerran Prescott (he was involved in both goals). However, it seemed to be too little, too late, meaning that the Blues were guaranteed a place in the Finals.






The two teams ranked third and fourth, the Reds and the Greens respectively, played their final matches. Despite neither team qualifying for the Final, the continuous buzz in the atmosphere still seemed to remain. Towards the beginning of the match, I spoke to Mrs Quirk, the Headteacher. I asked her, “What do you think of the matches that you have seen so far?”

She replied, “There seems to be a lot of fair play, and a large support from each House team.”

The game began quickly with the Reds storming ahead. Ilyas McKenna knocked the ball out of play, ensuring that the Reds did not take the lead. Moments later, at the other end of the pitch, a passage of fantastic Green House play, lead to the first

goal. After a few minutes of box-to-box play, the half ended with the two teams swapping sides. At half-time, I spoke to Ketan Vimalanathan, of the Reds and of Class 5, who was incredibly disappointed at his team’s first-half display. Moments into the second half, the Reds gained possession of the ball and then Ketan Vimalanathan made a powerful shot at goal with Luke Boyce, of the Greens, saving it. Then at the other end of the pitch Gerran Prescott, scored the second goal for Green House with supporters, that were not only from Green House began to chant for the Greens spurring them on for a victory. The match soon ended 3-0 to the Greens and with the match, the tournament ended as well – for the Greens, at least.


By Nathan Osafo Omane

Leading Sports Reporter



St John’s 2| Sundbridge and Brasted 1

Strong, skilful and simply superior – the St John’s squad that played Sundbridge and Brasted displayed all of these qualities. The starting lineup consisted of: Harrison, the goalkeeper; Dawid, the left-back; Nathan, the right-back; Gerran, the left midfielder; Alfie, the captain and right winger and Lewis. Charlie and Paddy started on the bench.

Quickly, the opposition kicked off, the audacious front three charging forwards with persistent pressure.  The ball was eventually won by Alfie ( who scored two goals in their previous game). He, eager to hit a powerful shot, dashed towards the touchline before shooting and  unfortunately missed the goal by inches.

Despite not scoring, the superb St John’s battled on linking up proficiently in midfield. The captain of the side, who wore the number 7 shirt, found the ball again. However, this time he carefully, hit the ball into the goal’s right-hand top corner.

Upon scoring the first goal, the pace of the game radically quickened: Sundbrige and Brasted found a way out of midfield and out onto the left flank. They tussled they fought, but still, they could not reap the rewards of their hard work.

With the prospect of half-time looming , the opposition received the ball from a throw-on before they forced the marksman away and struck the ball into the roof of the net: 1-1.

Play continued, with shots raining down onto the Sundbridge and Brasted net: there were so many shots taken from the midfield area, most of them from the masterly front three.

The half-time whistle soon arrived; the piercing shriek signalled a pause in play and a short break.

A loss? For this St John’s team, that would be unprecedented. Losing would be plunging into unchartered waters. Fearless and ferocious, agile and adroit, the determined St John’s team kicked off tearing forwards, submerged in a wave of aggression. Sundbridge and Brasted proved stubborn in giving in to the St John’s attack; with Lewis, number 9, leading from the front as centre forward.

Fighting vehemently, St John’s, as a result of some impressive wing-play, found Alfie on the right wing, who delivered a world-class ball to the audacious striker Lewis. He simply converted the opportunity to a goal making it 2-1.

Although, they had almost secured victory, St John’s did not cease to pressurise Sundbridge and Brasted. Every player in the squad displayed their unique skills, twisting and turning, running and racing for every lost ball. The final whistle signified the game’s end and amongst the St John’s squad was a sense of triumph and joy.


ST JOHN’S                                 2



Football Report – St John’s 3 St Katharine’s 0

St John’s 3

St Katharine’s 0

@Knole Academy| 6th December 2016

  • Alfie scores two

  • Clean sheet for Harrison

  • St John’s remain undefeated

Last week, the St John’s team outclassed opponents St Katharine’s as they cruised to a 3-0 victory, courtesy of goals from Alfie and Lewis. Fresh from a 4-0 victory over Plaxtol Primary School, the undefeated St John’s Football squad headed to Knole Academy’s state-of-the-art pitch to play their second league match against Seal. The team consisted of Harrison, Dawid, Charlie, Paddy, Alfie, Gerran and Lewis, most of whom had retained their places in the match day squad. Calm and confident, the team arrived at the venue, Knole Academy’s 3G pitch, with enough time to practise a simple training drill.

St John’s (who had been scheduled to play Seal), were unable to because of Seal’s non-arrival. Therefore, they played St Katharine’s Knockholt in a friendly match.

The game soon commenced, with St Katharine’s Knockholt kicking-off and attacking from right-to-left. However, the relentless pressure of the St John’s attack proved too much for St Katharine’s and they soon slipped up, leaving St John’s to capitalise on their unfortunate mistakes. The ball fell to Gerran, who skied the ball well over the bar. Later, he joked, “I’m not afraid to take a shot!”

The game continued, with St John’s never ceasing to attack. However, St Katharine’s continued to attack freely, ensuring that if St John’s did clinch a goal, it would be well and truly deserved.

At half-time, with still no goals scored, I interviewed St John’s coach, Mr Still, who replied, “I’m very impressed. There has been a lot of fun, a lot of teamwork, so I’m very impressed.”

The game quickly resumed, with the two teams swapping ends. Lewis, the St John’s forward kicked off, passing backwards to Gerran. Charlie, who was playing in defence, substituted off the pitch for Paddy.

Alfie, the number seven, received a high-quality pass from Gerran and then stroked the ball into the top of the net: 1-0.

St Katharine’s regained possession of the ball and kicked off again, passing backwards. They had a few opportunities of their own; however, the intelligent St John’s defence (Dawid and Paddy) cleared the ball away into safety. Because of some superb-wing play from Gerran, the ball fell again, at Alfie’s feet. The number seven back-heeled a pass to the striker (Lewis), before Lewis chipped the ball over the diving goalkeeper: 2-0

After a lengthy passage of midfield play, St John’s again, proved to have an attack superior to St Katharine’s defence. Soon after the second goal of the game, Alfie Chart collected the ball in midfield and sprinted past two defenders. Using his sublime agility and stunning pace, he abruptly changed direction before striking the ball and following its arc towards goal: 3-0.

Despite St John’s being almost guaranteed victory, they did not fail to pause their relentless attack. Late in the game, Gerran swung in a corner, which the opposition defence successfully cleared. This left defender Paddy isolated at the back. The opposition’s winger carefully used his skill to take the ball around Paddy. However, his desire to retrieve the ball ultimately lead to St.Katherine’s failure to strike the ball on-target; therefore goalkeeper, Harrison, had not conceded in that game and that St John’s had secured a win.

At the end of the game, I spoke to Gerran, who simply stated, “In the end, it’s a win, and that’s what we needed.”

St John’s had out-classed and out-fought their opponents in all areas, continuing their unbeaten streak and clinching a clean sheet.

In summary, a sublime performance from St John’s and an outstanding victory.


From Nathan Osafo Omane

Sports Reporter

Summer Fete

Clare and Steve Ridler and their team of parents had decided a few weeks ago to hold the Summer Fete on the fields this year. Although this meant more work in moving all the equipment down from the school and depended on good luck weather wise we were all for it and ready to go.

Saturday came, the weather was ideal and with a willing army of parents and staff and the help of Steve’s truck we started the process of moving everything down to the field at 9.30. Two to three loads later all was done and well before 12.00 the fields were looking great. All the usual “fun of the fair” stalls were set up with flags flying and food and drink aplenty with hot dogs, hamburgers and delicious cakes and buns together with the more healthy options.

Again the infectious St john’s family spirit came to the fore and the next three hours became a great social occasion, either under the shade of the trees or out in the sun with the children playing happily and without anyone realising that they were making over £2000 for the school.
3 o’clock came, the truck appeared along with the army of helpers and within the hour the field had been cleared and everything was back at school. My idea of a perfect family day in the sunshine.

A week full of music at St John’s!

On Monday the youngest singers and musicians in our school performed their hearts out at our end of year concert for parents and carers. The Smarties Choir performed a number of songs, showing how much they have learned whilst attending their weekly after school club.

We were also treated to a number or instrumental solos on the piano and violin, celebrating the dedication of pupils who have lessons in and outside of school. It was a truly wonderful celebration, and one that Ms Marsh and I were proud to be part of.


IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1411  IMG_1396 IMG_1402

We continued our musical celebrations with a truly magnificent KS2 concert at the Ship Theatre on Wednesday. Over 100 children performed, whether singing or playing an instrument. We were treated to pieces played by our orchestra, solos, duets and trios on brass, string and piano, and all of year 3 playing their recorders. The theatre was packed to bursting, not an empty seat in the house, yet the children performed like professionals.

This year has been our biggest and best yet for the number of children learning an instrument, and I believe our strongest choir. Ms Marsh, you are incredible to have inspired and encouraged so many budding musicians and singers at St John’s.

Mrs Temp



Key Stage 1 and Reception Music and Dance afternoon

This afternoon was a great afternoon of entertainment organised by Sarah Marsh our music teacher.
First was the turn of the children in Key Stage 1 (aged 6 and 7). The 30 strong choir started off the proceedings with a song about penguins, not only singing well but there were some impressive penguin movements. Sarah then gave us a master class in how she teaches the children in this age group, followed by five piano solos, two violin solos and three more songs from the choir, one with part singing, another with dance movements and the third with solo performances. The 60 strong audience enjoyed every minute and it was difficult to realise the children were so young.

Next off to Knole Academy with Reception (22 five year olds) to see them performing with five other schools in the Academy’s primary school Step Together show. Stunningly dressed in yellow costumes with pink leggings they performed a vey fast and complicated African dance routine with great success. The concentration shown by children of this age was so impressive and with their happy smiling faces it was a joy to watch.

Summer Music Concert

We are all part of a huge cultural evolution of music at St John’s in such a short time. The success of this is not only down to Sarah Marsh, who leads it all with real inspiration and a great gift in teaching, but the entire staff and pupils having this in their mindset, and realising very quickly not only how enjoyable it is but how much it does for their self-confidence and the general improvement in all aspects of their education.

Now we have 100 pupils learning instruments, a KS1 and KS2 Choir all of whom have been so well taught as a team, an orchestra, a brass band and a recorder group. On Wednesday our first ever summer music concert took place with solos in Piano, Recorder, Violin and Brass and performances from the Choir, Orchestra and Recorder group in front of an audience of over 150 people at the Ship Theatre. The concentration of the children to perform well was the most impressive part of all, and the team work in the group performances was outstanding.

All who were there realised they were seeing something very special in the evolution of this outstanding school.

Sports Day

If there is such a thing as a perfect sports day then this was it. – sun all day but not too hot and a slight breeze.  All the school paraded around the Olympic track behind the five pupils carrying the torch in their red, yellow, blue and green ringed t-shirts.  Dave must be thanked for producing such a fantastic area not only for the races but it was also  the perfect picnic spot for 250 people.  The children all sat under  a gazebo decorated with flags of different countries all made by the pupils in their houses and Sally welcomed everyone.  There were a variety of races – bean bag, egg and spoon, skipping, obstacle, tunnel, sack and sprints as well as a triathlon of cycling, running and the swimming part completed yesterday.  The morning events finished with  a parents’ sack race and a teachers’ sprint.

The children gave of their all as did the parents with their encouragement and after a busy morning lunch was a welcome break.  Parents had spent the morning making hot dogs and hamburgers in the BBQ tent and after a relaxing hour Sally woke us up for the start of the Key Stage 1 (8minute) and Key Stage 2 (12 minute) long distance run.

Sally thanked all those who had made the day such a success and then the trophies were presented to the winners on a specially made podium painted gold, silver and bronze just as in the Olympics.  The sun shining on the  podiums made for a great team and family photo.

The noise that was produced all day was on a par with the noise that will be made by the Welsh supporters when Wales play Portugal in the semi-finals of the Euros tonight.  The children gave of their best and the true St John’s spirit was there at the end when the field was cleared in no time at all.  A memorable day.