Minibeast mania!

We have leapt into our learning this term with our new topic ‘mini-beasts’ and the children have already been so excited to learn about all sorts of different creepy crawlies. Our mini-beast investigation zone as provoked many discussions about what sorts of creatures the children have found in their gardens and whether they have been brave enough to touch one!


The highlight of the term so far as been the arrival of our ten class caterpillars. Every morning when the children come into the classroom they are desperate to check up on how much they have grown overnight and whether they have begun to form their chrysalises’ yet.

1871 1872

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘Zoolab’ to give a workshop on mini-beasts. We learnt about and met some fascinating and rather unusual mini-beasts, including  a giant African land snail,  a Madagascan cockroach and even a scorpion!  I was amazed at how brave Reception were, having a go at holding and stroking the various critters. All that is apart from the scorpion of course, which was to my relief in the safety of a tank! This then inspired some brilliant descriptive writing where the class had a go at sounding out such words as ginormous and massive!


In R.E this term we have begun thinking about all sorts of special places. So far we have thought of our very own ‘special place’ ranging from hidden dens to tree houses and cosy beds. The children then created some beautiful watercolour pictures of their own special place to put up in the classroom.

Reception’s farm shop is open for business!

1775 1776

Reception have had a wonderful start to the term showing great enthusiasm and interest in our new topic ‘Farms and Growing’. The farm shop has been extremely busy with customers writing their shopping lists and queuing to buy their fruit and vegetables! We began the term with real things but used our crafty skills to make our own fruit and vegetables to sell that will hopefully last a little longer than fresh ones!


We have also thoroughly enjoyed watching the changes in our investigation area, where we are growing some bulbs. The children have been looking every morning when they come into class to see if any more daffodils have opened up and counting how many have appeared overnight.

1732 1733

As we have been learning about money this term we have turned snack time into an opportunity to practise using money by opening a Reception snack shop. Each day the ‘busy bee’s’ have a turn at being the shopkeepers as children have to look at the price of the fruit and find the right coins to buy their snack. We were particularly lucky this week as we had a wonderful array of exotic fruits and vegetables sent in (as part of the homework) from Reception parents. The children had such a great choice I fear they may be disappointed next week going back to apples and pears!

1795 1792 1741

Book Week

We have had a fantastic end to the term with book week. Reception have joined in with the ‘Write a book in a week’ challenge, continuing our topic writing our very own fairy tale character. I was absolutely delighted with the ideas the children came up with, inventing their own goodies and baddies and adventures!

1686  1684

We were also treated to a fabulous workshop with the author and illustrator duo ‘Knife and Packer’. They talked to us about some of their stories and showed us how they create some of their cartoon like illustrations. The whole of the hall joined in, creating some brilliant pictures.

1693 1696

Once upon a time…

This term our learning is based around many different fairy tales. From Goldilocks and the three bears to Rapunzel, Reception have loved hearing and joining in with these traditional stories. This term as their confidence has grown I have seen may of the children more keen than ever to stand up in front of the class and act out these stories either with masks or puppets.

1748563 597

In literacy we have been practising becoming more independent writers, using our phonic knowledge to label fairy tale pictures and even make our own books.

In maths we have been sorting objects based on their size and length, we have learned about the terms to describe capacity as well as exploring the different ways to make ten.


This term we have also been getting a little green fingered, growing cress for the three billy goats gruff, and planting beans like Jack and the beanstalk!


As always in Reception we love to make and create many arts and crafts. Already this term we have made pig masks, bear puppets, paper plate goat faces, princess and the pea collages, model castles to name just a few!

1727  1671 7111791

‘Born in a Barn’ Bonanza!


What a wonderful finale to a busy Christmas term! The children have all worked exceptionally hard; learning lines, songs and dances. They have impressed us all with their performance and star quality! Our show certainly dazzled and shone with plenty of gold medallions and neon glowing halos. We could have given every child a halo for their outstanding efforts individually. We are sure that you enjoyed it as much as we did too!


Reception have completed our Space topic and I wonder how many of the children are now aspiring astronauts?

In Year 1 we are now expert puppet-makers, having completed finger, hand and sock puppets. We have had great fun writing scripts for our puppet shows and performing them to be recorded on iPads.

In Year 2 we finished learning how to write a set of instructions effectively. The highlight of our learning was writing instructions for how to make jelly, making it and then finally eating it! Wobble wobble!

We wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Miss A, Mrs T and Miss P.





Reception’s bedtime story evening

The highlight of the week was our fabulous bedtime story evening on Wednesday. Reception were thrilled to be coming back to school in the dark wearing their pyjamas and they seemed to be even more excited by the fact that the teachers were also wearing them!


We split into small groups to go and listen to some lovely stories in cosy dens set up around the school, with blankets and duvets to snuggle up in. After a few stories we shared biscuits and chocolate milk before all the children were given a brand new toothbrush to go and brush their teeth! Then it was home time, with a final treat of a new book for everyone to take home, what a wonderful evening. To quote one of the Reception children, “This is the best school ever!”

432 436

We have also had great fun this week learning about astronauts, walking on the moon and some of the other planets in our solar system. We made textured moon pictures using a mixture of paint and flour, adding crater shapes with bottle tops. And the foam shapes were quickly turned into all kinds of spaceships and rockets ready to blast off into space.

447 450 446

Whizz, pop, bang!

This week we were inspired by bonfire night, and had lots of fun, making firework pictures, sorting and counting firework pom poms and making our toilet roll rockets!

1880 1883 1886

We also had a very special lesson this week, thinking about kindness. We talked about giving and receiving gifts and how it makes us feel. The children were extremely perceptive and thought about things they could do or give that didn’t cost any money, “We can be kind and help people” they suggested. We then decided to make some Autumn wreaths to give to someone as a gift.

1900 1902

On Friday we had a lovely treat in the morning with a visit from a theatre company who taught us about the history of pantomimes. They gave us a little hint of the sort of fun and entertainment we will experience this Christmas when we go and see Sleeping Beauty. The children absolutely loved joining in with the cheers and boos and singing along with the songs. We can’t wait for our trip on the last day of term!

1904 1911

Space and Light

Welcome back after the half term break. We have has a super first week back. This term our learning will be based around the topic ‘Space and Light’. Our role play area has become the Reception class space station and already many of our budding astronauts have been jetting off into space on treacherous missions!

1849 1850

This week we learned about the Hindu festival of light, ‘Diwali’. The children loved hearing and retelling the story of Rama and Sita, designing their own rangoli pattern and making their own paper plate diva lamp.

1829 diwali

We also embraced the weather with lots of lovely autumn activities, hunting for autumn leaves, stamping autumn tree paintings and going on an autumn treasure hunt.

1827 1824

Veggies Assemble

1782 1785

Our week began with an excited frenzy of various vegetable superheroes arriving in class, as the children proudly brought in their homework project of a homemade hero! It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to stand up and talk about what they made and what special powers their super-vegetable had!

As the mystery of missing ‘Supertato’ continued, we designed and built traps to try and catch the evil peas, we untangled tied up super-veggies and even picked the peas out of jelly using tweezers. “They need to go straight back in the freezer!” One child aptly commented!

1783 1786

This week in literacy we wrote cards to Supertato, drew and labeled our favorite superhero’s and of course continued with our phonics challenges. In Maths we were sorting vegetables into groups, counting them carefully and comparing which group had more and less.

1795 1796

I hope everyone has a wonder half term break and the children get a well deserved rest, happy holidays!

Superheroes arrive in Reception

What a busy week we have had in Reception! On Monday we finished our ‘People who help us’ topic with a visit from Inspector Toby from the Metropolitan Police. I have never heard the class so quiet when he walked in dressed in his uniform! He talked to us all about his job and helped us with ways we can stay safe. He even gave us a little quiz at the end to see how much we could remember, giving prizes to the right answers. I also had a bit of a surprise when he told me I was going to be dressed up as an officer in full riot protection gear, complete with helmet, leg and arm shields and my favourite part, a shield! The children had a fantastic afternoon and loved learning all about being a police officer.1725 337 348 350

The next surprise of the week came on Tuesday morning when the children arrived to see that our vet role play area had become a Superhero den! Everyone has delighted in dressing up in the capes and masks and flying off the rescue many people in need of a hero!

1770 1750  1749

The story our learning was based around this week was ‘Supertato’ where an evil pea escapes from the freezer and causes havoc amongst the other vegetables. In their words the children thought the book was “The bestiest ever!” We have made ‘Supertato’ books and puppets, and even measured a range of vegetables to see which was the longest and shortest.

1747 1745 1762 1774

Stay tuned to see what sort of havoc the evil peas may be causing next week as I have a feeling there may be an escapee on the loose!