Yrs 3 to 6 Half Term House Sports competition

A perfect warm afternoon saw over 120 children take part in the House multi-sports competition. Each pupil played for their House in one sport, so everyone was occupied all afternoon.

The sports on offer were Tennis, Table Tennis, Rugby, Quik Cricket, Multi-Skills and Mini Golf. It’s great to see that sportsmanship is now just an everyday part of life in the school. The huge number of red faces in the Hall at the end when we were announcing the results proved how hard they had been trying.

All the games were competitive, yes, but it was self competition, a genuine appreciation of how the opposition were playing and at the end, a friendly chat about the game and in many cases an ability to laugh at oneself when he/she had been at fault in that “ dropped catch “!!

A relaxed friendly, best team won competition. Everyone watching had a great afternoon supporting.

Blue House won the Tennis, Quik Cricket and Mini-Golf
Yellow House won the Multi-Skills
Green House won the Rugby
Red House won the Table Tennis
The two winners in each individual sports ( The first one for skills the second for sportsmanship) were:
Table Tennis: Alexander & Lewis.
Tennis: Elliot & Archie
Rugby: Harry & Rebecca
Quik Cricket: Oliver & Ollie
Multi- Skills: Lois & Danny
Mini-Golf: Matthew & Lexi

Music Concert and Tennis Matches

I was up at Hollybush Lane yesterday to see another example of the help local clubs give to the Primary Schools.
The John Heuerman Tennis Academy organised, with Clare Strange, the Primary Schools Tennis Competition.
Carrie; Eloise; Emilio; Andrew; Megan; Tilly; Aishvene and Georgia represented St. John’s in what was essentially a learning and training day, with a large number of beginners gaining valuable experience and enjoying the whole afternoon. I’m now looking forward to Wednesday, when we have the Tag Rugby Festival organised by the Sevenoaks Rugby Club.

We headed back to school to see the School Music Concert. A full hall saw 40 mins of inspirational music performed with great determination. Real talent with exciting potential, everyone smiling and enjoying themselves. Here for all to see, was the 22 strong Woodwind Orchestra; 7 members of the elite Recorder Club; Year 3 playing their recorders with 4 Percussion instruments accompanying; the 40 pupils of the Key Stage 2 Choir and to finish, the School Orchestra – comprising 16 pupils and 3 members of staff. Lizzie Hughes who has settled in as our Music Teacher with such speed, and her team of individual instrumental teachers and helpers must be congratulated on developing all our musical talent to achieve the high standards we all saw today.

Another great day in the life of St. John’s.

Local Champion Triathlete

We are constantly praising the pupils in all their achievements but this time let’s congratulate St John’s Mum Helen Copp who yesterday won the ‘First Local Female Triathlete 2018’ Trophy in the Sevenoaks Triathlon.
On a very cold and windy day she achieved an outstanding time of under 1 hour 50 mins to complete the course: 400m swim (7.28 mins); 28Km cycle (60.01 mins) and an 8Km run (39 mins). The St. John’s spirit and smile was very much on show yesterday!

Hockey Yrs 5 & 6

We were so near to reaching the Kent Games Finals, but just pipped at the post!

St John’s 1’s started out with good wins against St Johns 2’s, Sevenoaks C.P. 1’s and Chevening but were now to face two excellent Amherst sides. The first match against their 2’s proved our downfall, and then to make life totally frustrating the St John’s 1’s produced their best performance 15 mins later against a strong Amherst 1st to draw nil/nil in a match that they very nearly won.
Meanwhile, the St John’s 2’s put in good performances in all their matches and saved their best performance for the match v Amherst 2’s and were just beaten in the last minute.

The standard of Hockey in Sevenoaks is really impressive, and this is due to Sevenoaks Hockey Club, who coach in the primary schools and help their PE staff to continue that coaching. Out of the 96 children who played yesterday, just over 30 are now members of the club and playing in their junior teams.

Well played to the following: Mackenzie; Harvey; George; Rebecca; Elizabeth; Grace; Caitlin; Reuben; Tia; Oliver; Daniel; Amber; Jamie; Kayla; Ketan; Xavier

Lizzie Yarnolds Bus Parade – with pictures

St John’s School certainly made the right impression on behalf of Sevenoaks Town this morning in honor of Lizzie’s 2 gold Olympic Skeleton Medals.

The Vine,one of the oldest cricket grounds in the UK, was the first port of call in her Open  Top Bus Parade around the area from Sevenoaks to West Kingsdown via Swanley.

There, lining the the whole length of the ground were all 250 children,staff and a few parents all waving their flags and Lizzie Yarnold badges as she slowly passed at 9.40am on the hottest day of the year.

What a great way to start a school day, a relaxing sunny 15 min walk from the school to the Vine and back and making sure Lizzie’s day had the best possible start!

Memorable Last Day

The Easter service is always a great event – even for 246 children and staff walking down to the Church in the rain.

The service always has it”s “moments” and the first of these was at the start when Class 3 did a well rehearsed mini costumed playlett of the Last Journey of Jesus to the Cross, with the story being told as the actors walked up the isle to the stage. That was followed by the choir singing a 2 part “All Things Bright & Beautiful” and here again that extra mile was evident, not only in the singing, but in the left to right rhythm action movement which was performed to  perfection with every child together the entire time.

Year 6 sang “Oh Happy Day ” so well, and again in 2 parts. One always wonders what Fr Robin is going to come up with in his sermons, but he put his message across  very successfully by getting the congregation very worried – and the children very excited, about  his threat to soak Fr Matthew (dressed in full Skiing rain gear with an umbrella) with a full bottle of Pepsi Cola he was shaking, I will leave it up to your child to tell you the outcome!

Prayers were said by Class 4 followed by  Key Stage 1 singing “Oh Happy Day ”  again with perfect rhythm movement.

Sally was spot on when, after thanking everyone, she asked Year 6 to sing “Oh Happy Day” again and by the end of the service the sun was shining, and the walk back to school a pleasure.

The Church was, as usual, fit to bursting with all of our children and their very supportive families – a Joy to see!

Have a great holiday, and get ready for another busy and enjoyable Summer Term.

What an evening where once against St John’s showed itself to the town 
as precisely what a school can be and what it is achieving!
Tonight a 28 strong dance team put on a truly top class performance. They showed great skills of timing, precise movement, and were always totally together showing impressive self-confidence. For all that to happen you need the natural inspirational teaching from Mrs Siaron Moore and children who are totally committed to the cause and prepared to work until they drop! 
It was obvious that all our dancers were enjoying every moment.It reallywas something very special. The audience and especially all those connected to St John’s left at the end just so proud of the school and of the children.

What an evening where once again St Johns showed itself to the town as precisely what a school can and is achieving. Tonight a 28 strong Dance Team put on a truly top class performance showing great skills of timing, precise movement, always totally together and with an impressive self-confidence of just individually knowing what to do and when. For all that to happen you need natural inspirational teaching and children who are totally committed to the cause, prepared to work until they drop and with a high level of concentration both in training and the final performance. It WAs obvious that they are enjoying every moment and it is then that you have something very special. We had all that tonight and the audience and especially all those connected to St John’s left at the end just so proud of the school and their children.


A St John’s mind set challenge. . .

How can we involve everybody in the school in raising some money, taking some real challenging exercise & talking to each other all at the same time?

With Knole Park on the doorstep it did not take long to come up with the challenge to walk to Knole House and back & see how many steps it took. So off we set at 9.30 ( 246 pupils, 40 staff, parents & governors & 2 dogs ) down Bayham Rd, across Seal Hollow Rd, up half of Blackhall Lane then right to the footpath that leads up to the top entrance to Knole Park (this was a real challenge through a watery muddy path. Rumour had it that 1 pupil only fell over but I am sure I saw a few very muddy staff at the halfway stage!) Then down the valley across the golf course and finally up to Knole House.

There we had some biscuits and a drink and a rest for 15 minutes, being watched by some walkers not really understanding what was going on (the children soon told them)  So now rested we were all up for going back the way we came. With plenty of talking and having great fun and not concentrating or caring where they were walking (why do all children want to jump up & down in water & then when you tell them to stop they jump into the next puddle?) we all set off to arrive back at school at 12.00pm very muddy but now with the joys of spring which had started at 11.00am Winter being the order of the day at  the start at 9.30am!

A great team effort and what a superb team & school spirit all through the two and a half hour adventure.  11500 steps achieved by each person (23000 by each dog). So the school achieved 3,890,000 thousand steps, approximately 1,460 miles and some money for Sport Relief.

A great morning’s education.


One of my responsibilities as Governor is for Spanish at St John’s. As a some-time linguist, it has been a real pleasure for me to see the fantastic opportunities St John’s pupils have to learn a foreign language. Learning a foreign language exposes children to other cultures and ideas, and also helps them to develop early language skills and even to understand English better – as grammatical concepts are reinforced or contrasted in learning a second language.

The primary modern foreign language taught at St John’s is Spanish, led by Mrs Hayes. Spanish is spoken by over 400 million people across the world, and is considered one of the easier languages for a native English speaker to learn. Spain is also a popular holiday destination for families, giving the opportunity for children to practise in ‘real life’.

Pupils across the whole school, from Reception to Year 6, have weekly Spanish lessons with Mrs Hayes. Lessons are fun and interactive, while covering a curriculum of basic vocabulary and grammar. For Year 6, this culminates in a residential trip to Spain, where pupils have the opportunity to practise their language skills and experience a different culture. This year the group will be travelling to Seville, and when I joined one of their lessons at the end of February they were already thinking about what they might need to pack and what they would like to visit.

But it’s not just the weekly lessons where pupils are learning Spanish. Pupils from Year 2 upwards can participate in very popular lunchtime or after school Spanish clubs – on my visit I was treated to a performance of “Los Tres Cerditos” (The Three Little Pigs) entirely in Spanish by the Yr 4-6 club. Parts of assembly are conducted in Spanish on Mondays and there is even a weekly Spanish tuck shop (where items are bought and sold in Spanish). It is great to see Spanish embedded in school life this way, as part of St John’s commitment not just to this subject but to providing its pupils with a really rounded and varied curriculum.