Infant Agility

12 pupils from Forms 1/2 were competing against 14 Primary Schools in the Knole Academy Hall for the right to take part in the Kent Schools final later in the Term.
Each child had to do 7 Floor exercises which follow the pattern of any normal adult Keep Fit Gym Routine. One has to say the pupils level of fitness & the level of concentration to do their very best in each exercise was very impressive . (Most adults would have found this a challenge )
We will know the final result in a few days time. Sheralyn & I were a little put out at the end of the 2 hour session at how tired we felt just watching them !!!



This was open to all Primary Schools in the area. Any child could enter their own Decorated Victoria Sponge that they had cooked themselves.

Another great example of children “having a go” and it was impressive to see 11 children from St Johns entering their cakes. The Kitchen staff were asked to come in to judge the anonymised entries. They all agreed that the entries were a good standard & all showed potential for future “Bake Off” TV stars. The winner was Ruby Neeves & she now goes through to the semi-final in the Knole Food Technology Kitchens where she will be on her own in another cake challenge on the day (with the support of a year 9 pupil to help with the ovens) We wish her all the best for that event on April 20th. Her cake today was delicious!

Not only for the mums but for everybody this was an inspiring and well prepared service. The staff at St Johns, to me, are just so special and each class had obviously taken real quality time in thinking of all the ways their mothers play such a vital, loving and important part of their lives. Every word spoken or sung had real meaning and was said from the “heart”. The church was packed full and the family atmosphere and all that was said set many heart strings going. At the end we sang the school song which was written by our very talented Sarah Marsh. The words play such an important part of the Way of Life at St Johns and certainly in the preparation for this service. – Happiness, Compassion, Tolerance, Understanding, Resilience, Positive Action and making things right.

The school song just says it all and it is worth having a copy at home – on the back of your service sheet!


Hello. I’m Dennis Ward and the Governor attached to the science team lead by Mrs Casewell.

As I’m sure you know Mrs Casewell is an extremely dedicated and imaginative science teacher.  She sees a science application wherever she is and in whatever she is does, from making toast in the morning to driving the car home at night and everything in between.  She has an outstanding ability to inspire the children with her ideas and make science an everyday part their lives.  In fact she is so enthusiastic that, together with Miss Parfett, she is working extremely hard to attain a Gold Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) for the school.  This will give St John’s an excellent reputation for science teaching.

PSQM is an outstanding support tool for developing science in any school.  It improves scientific experiences and outcomes for all children and teachers.  It does, though, entail a lot of dedicated work including sharing experience with other schools and fulfilling the considerable demands of a mentor – and they are considerable at the Gold Mark level!

Currently we hear a lot about the need to increase interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in the media and are encouraged to start this early in a child’s education.  In St John’s we embrace this and the recent STEM week was an excellent example.  The school is buzzing with its success and there is almost constant chatter amongst the children about the programme Mrs Casewell devised.  As you can see from the Science Blogs it was an exciting, interesting and well organised week with presentations, workshops, a KNEX competition and much else besides – lots of variety for all ages from Reception to Y6.  The week was an excellent illustration of Mrs Casewell’s organising ability and her and her colleagues’ presentation and communication skills.

Clearly the children thoroughly enjoyed the week and long may the children grow from strength to strength in these subjects, not only in St John’s but throughout the rest of their schooldays and, indeed, lives.

Another Hockey Success!

We really are making our mark on the Primary School Hockey Scene.
Yesterday teams from forms 3/4 had their competition to find the winners to play the Malling winners for a place in the Kent School Games. Just as last week the “A” team won all their games with the “B” team putting on a promising performance mostly against “A” teams. Everything I said about Sevenoaks Hockey Club and the association it has with the Primary schools and St Johns was proved here again and again St Johns were very impressive with a mature understanding of the tactics in any given match and go through to the play-off.. What has really made both these competitions a joy to take part in is the help and encouragement each school gives to each other to get the best out all the participants. Yes competition but great sportsmanship.

Team ATeam B
Finley Chandler CausonDylan Richardson
Mackenzie CoppMia Sargeant
Rebecca HukinsTed Smith
Caitlyn SempleGrace Taylor
Georgia HouchinAmber Ridler
Reuben WagstaffHarvey Giles
v St Johns "B" : won 2-0v St Johns "A" : lost 0-2
v Churchill : won 6-0v St Lawrence "A" : won 2-0
v Lady Boswell : won 1-0v Lady Boswell "A" : lost 0-2
v St Lawrence : won 5-0v Churchill "A" : lost 0-3
v Amherst : won 3-2


St John’s Hockey Champions – Kent Primary School Games

Team sport in primary schools has made huge progress over these past few years due to excellent co-operation between schools and local clubs. Sevenoaks Rugby, Hockey and Football clubs along with the Vine and Holmesdale Cricket clubs are now actively involved in coaching in the schools and this certainly shone through this afternoon.
St Johns took part in the Key Stage 2 Hockey Competition at Hollybush to find the school to represent the Sevenoaks area in the Kent School Games final this summer. The standard of hockey was so impressive and Sevenoaks Hockey Club are to be congratulated and thanked for all they do to constantly raise the bar in the progress the children make. There were many close matches but St Johns was the outstanding team, winning all their matches convincingly and the team work between Sheralyn Silvester and the hockey club is now well cemented in the life of the school. All members of the team are to be congratulated on their levels of concentration and their sportsmanship in every match.
The Team
Jamie Sargeant, Alfie Chart, Gracie Cawfield, Chloe Robinson Nicky Mundy, Melisande Scordel.
v Amherst won 5-2 (Alfie 3, Jamie, o.g.)
v Seal St Lawrence won 3-0 (Alfie 3)
v Chevening won 4-0 (Alfie 2, Jamie, Nicky)
v Sevenoaks CP won 3-0 (Alfie, Nicky, Chloe)
v Lady Boswell won 3-1 (Alfie 2, Chloe)
v Anthony Roper won 3-0 (Alfie 2, Chloe)
v Churchill won 3-0 (Alfie 2, Chloe)
v Otford won 1-0 (Alfie)

St John’s News

An interesting start to half term with some of us starting the first weekend listening to Heart Radio and reading the Independent to find Sally being interviewed  and a photograph of her plus an article in the Supplement on the benefits of magic skills being integrated into the school curriculum. One of the ways of helping with the vital issue of self confidence and public speaking is through these learning these skills,  which the children perform firstly to their own class and then to others.  This also improves their speaking, listening and concentration skills.  This publicity certainly put St Johns on the radar of all those listening to the programme or reading the article.


On the first Monday after half term parents of children in Forms 5 and 6 came to a meeting to be introduced to the Curiosity Curriculum which Form 6 will be taking part in this term.  This was started last year with great success  with Sally being one of the pioneers of the idea which has now been taken up by many other schools.  This learning platform offers an excellent opportunity for pupils to develop their study skills and encourage self-motivation.  The input of parents is essential in this curriculum and so valuable as it is an ideal way of forming a joint partnership in a particular aspect of their child’s education and we are indeed fortunate in have Sharon Moore to lead these classes.  I hope I have wetted your appetite enough for you to log onto where you will find all the details.


Sevenoaks Rotary 10K Run

For the interest of all keen runners this will take place in Knole Park on Sunday 2nd April.

10.15am          1.5k Fun Run Age 9-14

11.00am          10k  Run         Age 15 plus

You can enter on line at or enter on the day.


Hollybush Residents’ Association

This week I was elected at the AGM to be Chairman of the Residents’ Association  It is very encouraging for us all to realise that St Johns is held in such high regard in the area.

A Social Week – Posted by Edward Oatley

The week before half term sees the school entertaining the older generation, starting on Monday with the 20 strong KS1 Smarties choir going to Gloucester House Nursing Home for a pre lunch sing song. The choir looked really professional in their choir sashes and were so impressive, even bringing two part harmony into their singing. The songs chosen were well known by the audience who were able to join in and sing along and it was obvious how much the residents were enjoying themselves.  A great start to the week with a pleasant walk from the school on a lovely sunny day.


On Wednesday afternoon Years 4C and 4P entertained residents from nursing and residential homes in the area. They had made delicious chocolate cakes and biscuits, written poems and arranged songs to sing.  Sadly only 10 people were there to appreciate the children’s hard work but those who were thoroughly enjoyed the home made cakes and the entertainment which was top class.  We will definitely repeat the invitation in the future and try to persuade more homes to bring their residents along to enjoy an excellent afternoon’s entertainment.


Thursday afternoon saw Form 1 and Reception entertaining over 60 grandparents with songs and mime before treating them to sandwiches which they had made themselves. It must be said that St Johns certainly has some of the youngest looking grandparents in the whole of Kent!  The children’s reading books were on display and for 10 minutes of so the children were able to read to their families as well as helping to eat the sandwiches.  Some of the grandparents then walked round the school.  What a great way to start half term and highlight the importance of the St Johns family atmosphere.

The Romans, the Great Plaque and the Fire of London!

I have always believed that teaching is an extension of entertainment and whilst I am pleased to say that is the norm at St Johns it was certainly very much on show when Chloe of Crew UK came into school today. In the morning she ran a Roman workshop for Form 4 and in the afternoon a workshop on the Great Plague and the Fire of London.
The secret success of these days is in the preparation by the teachers beforehand and this was done to perfection by Judy, Danielle and Bev. Consequently the children were all well versed in the topics and were able to understand all that Chloe was saying. Form 4 were all impressively dressed as Roman men and women and took part in role play on life as lived by a Roman family as well as life as soldiers. During the afternoon the children discussed the morning’s activities and made mosaics and drew pictures.
After a lunch break Chloe changed into a 17thC costume and it was Form 2’s turn to experience by role play what it was like during the Plague and the Fire and Chloe explained to the children the reason for and the consequence of both events.

All in all a brilliant day of practical learning with periods of history being brought to life in a meaningful way.

St John’s Advent Service

On Sunday the school’s Advent service was a great way in which to bring the school and the church community together.

The school choir and their families joined the church congregation for the service with the children reading all the prayers and singing the Scots Nativity.  Fr  Matthew gave an excellent sermon explaining to the children that the next four weeks were a time to prepare for the real meaning of Christmas as well as enjoying all the festivities.

There are a number of photographs displayed in the church dating from the 1940s up to the present day and these have brought home to me how just how important St John’s and the old Bayham Road school have been to the church and the wider St John’s community over the years.  This exhibition of photographs is certainly worth seeing.