Tests and Trips!

First of all, I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter break and hopefully at some point managed to enjoy the sunshine whilst it made a rare appearance.

On to this term as Class 6 continue to crack on with their SATS preparations and smash every piece of work I set for them with egg-ceptional hard-work and motivated dedication. (Forgot my Easter puns in the last blog, so had to sneak them in here – I’m done, I promise!)

I would like to take this chance to once again reiterate to both children and parents that these SATs tests are an opportunity and a platform for each and every child to evidence and prove to myself, the school, the government and, most importantly, themselves just how truly brilliant they are! No-one should be approaching these tests with any form of apprehension, trepidation or fear. I know how amazing every single member of Class 6 is and I certainly don’t need a test to tell me anything of the sort.

However, I am fortunate enough to see the relentless hard-work, effort, and achievements of these wonderful children each and every working day. I know how well you’re all doing. I know how incredibly hard you have all worked. I know no matter your results how well you will all continue to achieve in your next school. Now’s the time to prove it to everyone else. We are certainly ready to give these tests everything we’ve got and as long as we leave the tests knowing that we have tried our absolute best, then there’s nothing more that anyone can ask of us!

Leaving the SATs behind, we will then be on to the business end of our final year of St. John’s. The rapidly approaching end of year trips are beginning to shape our lessons, as I notice our artwork is steadily becoming more Barcelona based. Our trip based in England, for those remaining here, is still a surprise to the children, however I know they will be very excited and pleased when they finally have the big reveal. Their work in school that week will be based around their trip – so you’ll have your chance to prep too!

Following on from that we have many exciting plans for the last terms of St. John’s, including: swimming, cycling, end of year production, science and R.E trips, leavers preparations, forest school and many more currently in the pipeline.

Overall, we have one last push before our SATs, a week to shine and show how much we’ve learnt this year and then the trips and treats of a final term at St.John’s.

Best get started…

Another Action Packed Term

Once again an incredibly busy and action packed term for Class 6.

There are just far too many activities and events to list, however, there are some key highlights: film night, the Discovery Zone, finger printing in STEM week, newspaper articles, graph and chart statistics, SATS mocks, organising and performing at various assemblies and of course the introduction of Curiosity. Have a look at some of our highlights through pictures at the bottom of this blog!

With the clock ticking down to our end of year assessments (in May), Class 6 have consistently worked at an incredibly fast pace and high workload. Their achievements and successes, this term especially, have shown them to be an incredible Year 6 group and all members of staff who have the pleasure of working with them are so incredibly proud.

Furthermore, their writing (which is assessed later in the year) has developed to such a strong literary standard, that they are producing highly skillful and emotionally powerful pieces of work that too provide evidence of the determined, dedicated mindset of this fantastic group of children.

Just in case that wasn’t enough, Class 6 have continually organised and prepared themselves for various Barcelona and Home Trip fundraisers. In fact, we are currently in the process of organising the details and advertisement of a “run or dye” inspired event on St.John’s very own school field for the end of April.

AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, as mentioned earlier, Class 6 have been continuing to work hard on their Curiosity Curriculum. We are all very grateful to Mr John Gordon-Reid and Mrs Moore who have dedicated so much of their time and efforts to help the class produce the most inventive and creative work possible. I have been lucky enough to see the odd piece submitted here and there and I am so incredibly impressed – is there anything this class can’t do?!

Finally, we, as a Class 6 team, would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank the entire class for their continued efforts and attitude during this busy schedule. We have had the occasional hiccup along the way, but overall you have proved yourselves to be a formidable working force and have developed in to a successfully supportive team.

All homework set is due in after the holiday and please remember to read as much as you can – I can not stress the importance of this enough!

Enjoy the Easter Break and make sure to have a rest too! Only a few more weeks of preparation when we’re back, then we have the chance to showcase our amazing skills during SATS week. When that’s all done and dusted we can begin the rapidly approaching leavers activities and enjoy our final few terms at St. John’s!

Well done guys – very proud indeed!

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Discovery Zone

Have you ever delved yourself into the enchanting world of science? The Discovery Zone was just the beginning.

Year 6: engaged, educated and beguiled the pupils and parents of St. John’s Primary School. We (Class 6) were split into many groups of two – except for the Static Station who were in a four – and prepared our investigation.

After practising, we set up our interesting station and let the children swarm into the hall and capture their scientific imagination. They experimented with: Oobleck, giant bubbles, laughing buckets and optical illusions.

In conclusion, the Discovery Zone was a great scientific success and STEM week hopefully will carry on like this.


Freya Williams, Class 6.

Static Science

On Tuesday 14th March, the Discovery Zone came to St. John’s. Have you ever wanted to step inside a giant bubble? To make a bucket laugh? To make metal balls bounce without touching them? Well then, the Discovery Zone is for you!

For Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics week (STEM week) Year 6: engaged, educated and enthused the pupils of St. John’s CEP school with their science experiments. We – Class 6 – beguiled people with our fun and interesting science experiments.

I was placed in a group with three potential scientists: Jessica, Paddy and Olivia. After previously practising, we were ready to perform our experiments to the classes as they entered the mystical Discovery Zone. Floods of energetic people came over to our table, thrilled by the prospect of making objects move without touching them. The air was damp and because lots of people were crammed into one hall, our Static Station was quite temperamental.

All around the hall, people were learning about science and discovering different stations that held an equal amount of excitement as the last. St. John’s pupils loved the Discovery Zone in STEM week and this will hopefully lead them to pursue a career in science.

Grace Anderson, Class 6.


Oh, what a hectic week! In Class 6, this week we have run a film night (with assistance from members of staff) amongst the various other lessons we partook in. In May, we plan to have our Barcelona residential trip. The total cost of the trip without the discount is £415; we hope to raise £65 per pupil to reduce the cost to £350. Film Night was our first big fundraiser! Alongside Film Night, we will hold other events to reach the final sum of £1950 in total. We hope that Film Night raised a profit of approximately £1,100; this is enough money to send 16 children to Barcelona.

On behalf of the class, I would like to thank the dozens of pupils who attended (one hundred and forty-nine exactly), as well as all the staff who volunteered their spare time to make Film Night a success.

Specifically, I would like to thank Mrs Gillhouley, who spent her Tuesday night racing around Tesco’s, buying the different foods that were available on Film Night. Last but not least, I would like to thank Class 6: I strongly believe that they contributed largely to the running of the event; they budgeted the costings and calculated the profit; organised the food; set up the classrooms and cleared up the mess afterwards!

All in all, Film Night was a great success! Thank you to all the families who supported us!

By Nathan Osafo Omane, Class 6

Curiosity Begins!

Welcome back to all from half term. I must start by mentioning  I am aware there was no MyMaths homework set over half term, this was due to myself being unable to access the website as I managed to catch the entire class’ germs and illnesses just in time for the break – I’m hoping that wasn’t planned just to get out of maths homework?!

An incredibly busy week for Class Six as a welcomed return back after the half term break. We had little time to readjust back into working mode, as Mrs. Quirk invited our class to the hall for a Curiosity assembly. Some of us were very surprised to see our own mothers in the back of the hall too – surely we knew that was happening! Clearly not.

To those parents/carers/guardians who were unable to make the assembly, please do not worry, your children are rapidly becoming Curiosity Curriculum experts and will be able to explain everything to you. Please ask them to explain our new challenge and how we may ask for your help along the way!

Curiosity Curriculum was first introduced to St.John’s last year, and was a very clear highlight to many of last year’s class. I am absolutely certain that this year will be just as enthusiastic, engaged and ultimately successful as their predecessors. In fact, those two or three children who have already submitted their first piece of work have proved this to be true – I really look forward to seeing many more pieces of work flood in over the next few weeks. The class are lucky enough to have the support, advice and expertise of Mrs. Moore – whose son, Archie, has gone down in Curiosity history (just ask her about Milo of Croton and the “ferocious” wolf rampaging through her house).

A letter to further explain the ideas and purpose of Curiosity Curriculum will be coming home at the beginning of next week, personally written and produced by John Gordon-Reid – one of the creators of the fantastic learning adventure. If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact myself, Mrs. Gillhouley or Mrs. Quirk.

In other news, the class have worked incredibly hard on their assessments this week. We only have one more to complete next week, then we can get our teeth into our new writing project: newspaper articles based on Greek myths!

Please do not forget that FILM NIGHT is this Wednesday March 1st.

All of Class Six are expected to attend to help raise funds for both the Barcelona and Home trip later this year.

Thank you again to all parents/carers/guardians for supporting your children throughout all of our exciting ventures both in and out of school. I can assure you it is much appreciated.

Now on to week two…



This is our victory!

Yet another action packed term for Class 6 drew to a close with the highly anticipated Battle of the Churchills 2016/17.

battle of churchills

Our topic of World War 2 has seen us delve into the terrifying yet inspiring memories of yesteryear. We have written speeches as Neville Chamberlain, written diaries as a character from Goodnight Mr.Tom, researched a famous wartime leader, found facts from the Battle of Britain, written our own chilling German propaganda, experienced first hand the jobs and tasks of wartime Britain with our history workshop and we rounded the topic off with our very own Winston Churchill speech – what a lot of work!

After planning, writing and preparing our speech, we gathered together to compete in the most tightly contested “speech off” St.John’s has ever seen. The first round saw us deliver our speech to a small group of randomly selected peers. We then had a secret ballot to determine who would progress to the next round. The lucky 16 contestants were then paired with a new opponent to battle off one on one. Yet another small group decided each pair’s fate. We were then down to 8.

final 8

The final 8 were allowed 10 seconds each to deliver one particular rousing section of their speech, in an attempt to win the votes of the previously eliminated contestants – now eager spectators.

After much deliberation, our 8 semi-finalists were whittled down to 5 finalists. We were intending for 4 finalists, however, we just couldn’t separate the incredible speeches of 5 students: Sophie, Nathan, Freya, Eliza and Paddy.

blog freya

The final 5 performed their entire speeches to the captivated audience of previous contestants, Mrs.Quirk, Mrs. Gillhouley, Mrs. Baillache, Mrs.Barnett and myself – quite a large audience you can imagine.

One final vote brought us to one final winner.

Congratulations, Eliza. Victorious Champion of the Battle of the Churchills 2016/17.

Eliza winner

Fantastic term Class 6. Your work is improving each and every day, your attitude to learning is exceptional and your greatest achievement this term is your growing sense of unity as a class – it is wonderful to see, well done!

Have a restful and peaceful break, a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

I will see you in January.

Class 6 Live on BBC!

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The highlight of our week has to be our opportunity to

take part in a LIVE Science lesson via BBC Live Science website.

Mrs. Casewell asked Class 6 if they would be willing to take part in a new initiative by BBC to engage hundreds of young scientists around the UK. Of course we said yes! Our task was to take part in the live science lessons with over 100 other schools around the country at the same time, then we needed to assess the experience, decide whether it was a positive experience and whether Mrs. Casewell should look to include more classes in the future.

Well the answer to all of those questions was a resounding….YES! Every single child who took part in the live lesson, from St. John’s, loved the experience.

At 11 am, the 60 second countdown started to the live feed from BBC studios. Class 6 gathered in their seats with their Science books open and ready to learn. We were introduced to our two presenters, Leah and Ben, our scientist, Steve Mould, and of course the star of the show – Hacker the Dog.

During the lesson, we learnt that to become successful scientists we need to; observe the world around us, ask questions about how and why things work, and to record our findings and thoughts.


After that, we moved on to the topic of Electricity. This was when we became physically involved. We had two separate worksheets to complete in two time-slots of 60 seconds. Lots of discussion, thinking and scientific concluding happened in that total of 120 seconds.

700Mr.Still even tweeted our answers live to the studio! Unfortunately, our answers weren’t read out but we were correct in our scientific thinking – although we would’ve been very excited to see our names appear on live television! 701

Our favourite part of the session was a demonstration that we were able to repeat in class. Using; plastic cups, table tennis balls, a high-visibility jacket and a powerful torch, we were able to reproduce the energy flowing around a simple circuit to light up our bulb. We even managed to repeat the demonstration to both Year 4 classes – who impressed us with their own knowledge of circuits and the flow of electricity!


Here are a few of our quotes after the event:

“I really liked how funny Hacker the dog was and that we all had the chance to be scientists.”

“I thought it was brilliant that Mr.Still could tweet the presenters live in the studio!”

“10/10. Definitely want to do one of these again!”


So as you can see a very positive response from Year 6, however, they were also critical thinkers too and had a few suggestions to improve the experience.

Mrs. Casewell and Mr. Still will now plan a future live lesson including the suggestions from our fantastic Year 6s too.

Well done, Year 6. Responsible, engaged and hard-working: brilliant ambassadors for St.John’s.

Thank you also to Mrs. Casewell for researching and suggesting such a brilliant experience. We all truly enjoyed it and learnt so much too!

Source or No Source?

Yet another busy week for Class 6!

In maths we have been creating equivalent fractions. Some of us have completed incredibly tricky fraction puzzles, others have learnt how to simplify using the lowest common denominator. All in all, we are fraction experts these days in Class 6!

In Literacy we have continued our WW2 themed work. The topics this week have been famous political leaders and also the Battle of Britain. The former unearthed incredible facts such as the brutal behaviours of Benito Mussolini – did you know that he was expelled from several schools for assaulting classmates with a penknife? Terrifying man!

The Battle of Britain fittingly fell upon the 11th of the 11th as St. John’s beautifully remembered all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our work detailed the battle as well as exploring the achievements of individual men and their personal experiences. A humbling moment for the entirety of Year 6.

Finally, we delved deeper in to our science topic of Light. The class engaged in a team based game of Source or No Source – a complete and utter rip-off of Deal or No Deal by myself! Children had to pit their wits against other teams to earn the best deal from the banker. The winning team: Harrison, Paddy, Sandra, Oli, Eron, Charlie.T. Congratulations!

World War 2 in Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2!

This term our focus is World War Two. We will be studying the major events, political leaders, memorable speeches and hard-hitting propaganda from the time.

This week we have looked at the beginnings of WW2. In groups of two or three we wrote down “What I think I know about WW2” and also “What I would like to know about WW2”. We are hoping to be able to add to our base knowledge and also discover the answers to our many interesting questions such as;

  • How many people lost their lives during World War 2?
  • Who “won” World War 2?
  • What was life like in Britain whilst troops were fighting abroad?
  • What food was eaten during WW2? Was there enough?
  • How did WW2 begin? Who started the war?

Well that last question we have already answered! Using BBC class clips of actual footage and researching our own political leaders, we have discovered that Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler had many discussions, meetings and negotiations before the “beginning” of WW2.


We have taken on the role of Neville Chamberlain and written our own war-time speeches to our British nation. Come back next week to see our final drafts and potentially hear some being formed as Neville Chamberlain himself.