World War Two Wonders and Workshops

This term has seen us develop a wonder and thirst for knowledge in all things World War Two.

We’ve researched political leaders from the outbreak to the end of the war, we’ve written a speech as Neville Chamberlain – the Prime Minister at the commencing of the war, we’ve written diary entries as William Beech and Mr. Thomas Oakley from the war-based story “Goodnight Mr.Tom” and we’ve just started our chilling discovery of truly horrific German propaganda, especially the stories written for children.

So as you can see, we have been very busy and hard at work throughout our term in Class 6.


Our highlight of the term so far has to be our History Workshop from Knole Trust on all things World War Two. We were incredibly lucky and excited to receive such an amazing 2 hour session from Jennifer Whiteoak and her experienced team of volunteers.

Below are pictures of our brilliant time full of fun and learning.

As you can see we had such a wonderful time, however, this experience would not have been possible were it not for our incredible volunteer, Gordon.

Gordon not only comes to read with our class twice a week, every week, he also inspires us with his knowledge and experiences in life. Gordon was the man to bring our attention to this workshop, as he volunteers for Knole trust too! Not only that, Gordon also donated his time to speak to our class about his own war experiences, as he was evacuated from London during the Second World War. If that wasn’t possibly enough, Gordon has also sent a donation to the school to fund the workshop.

Class 6 and I cannot possibly thank Gordon enough, his kind, generous nature helps support our class in so many ways.

Thank you, Gordon!

Term 2 and World War 2

It’s hard to believe that we are in Term 2 already! The amount of work and learning over the past term – and a week – has been phenomenal. We have been truly impressed with the working attitude and maturing behaviours shown by all in Class 6.

Wolf Brother was a huge success last term, everyone was hooked by the plot and the fates of Torak, Wolf and Renn. For those who were unable to follow the entire story with us, due to school visits or other appointments, we have several copies of Wolf Brother in the school and you may like to read it in your own time. Furthermore, many children are looking to continue the series and have already begun the second book: “Spirit Walker”. It’s lovely to see so many children engaged in reading.

On to Term 2, we begin two main topics this term: World War 2 and Fractions. Now, I’m not entirely certain they will ever go together, but they are our two main focuses for the term.

Fractions has so far seen us understand the basics of fractions and begin to comprehend the difference between: like fractions, unlike fractions and equivalent fractions. We will manipulate them to solve and investigate challenging problems.

World War 2 will continue to run throughout the entire term. We will research political leaders of the time, study the initial events prior to WW2, experience the lives of those left in Britain during the war and much much more. As this blog goes out, we will have already taken on the role of Neville Chamberlain and written our own outbreak of war speech.

Year 6 Begins…

Welcome to all parents and classmates of Class 6 2017/18!

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Meet the Teacher event last Thursday! If you were unable to attend then the main message was to please come and find me, or arrange an appointment at the office, if you need to speak to me or discuss something for our final year at St. John’s. Lots of expectations and opportunities for your children in year 6, which bring with them plenty of rewards and recognition, but also consequences and actions for not completing “promised tasks”. I promise I’ll bring my homework tomorrow – our current most popular example.

It’s hard to believe at this time of year, but I assure you your final year of St. John’s is going to fly by! Therefore, it is essential that we hit the ground running and take full advantage of all opportunities provided to us – and that we certainly have.

On Tuesday, 20 of the class were lucky enough to travel to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and more specifically The Copper Box Arena to meet and learn from the current Karate World Champion, Jordan Thomas. An incredibly inspiring and approachable man, Jordan taught our children the basics of karate, along with several Japanese phrases – including how to count to 5 (with humorous actions and reminders). Pictures of this day are available in the previous two blogs.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr.Semple who donated this incredible opportunity, Mrs. Yasar, Mr. King and Mr. Osborne for helping us travel to and from the amazing arena and of course Mrs. Silvester for organising and driving the mini bus with most of us on – even if I did send her the wrong way with my (lack of) co-piloting navigational skills.

When this blog is published, we will have traveled to Sevenoaks school as a whole class to see, speak and listen to the incredibly energetic Michael Rosen. The children, who remained in school on Tuesday, have created wonderful fact files full of insightful information in to the life and times of this great children’s author. They are certainly our Rosen experts! They are armed with questions for the great man and we look forward to reporting back to you his answers and comments.

An incredibly busy week for Class 6 and an amazing start by them all. They best get ready for many more busy weeks to come and I’ll prepare myself to be continually amazed by their efforts and dedication.

Great work from all of Team 6.


Barcelona – Day Three

Welcome back to the Barcelona Blog.

Day Three and sadly it’s our final full day in the beautiful Spanish sunshine, however we do get a good amount of Barcelona time before catching the flight home to you all in England.

Once again, EVERY child had to be woken up this morning, there were no nonsensical stories of early rising times. We all needed the sleep last night after an exhausting day yesterday and a day to come full of energy-zapping travelling and activities. So to start the day once again we took full advantage of the buffet breakfast and drank all the juice available to us.

Slightly different first activity of this morning was to write a shopping list and practise our basic Spanish phrases to prepare ourselves for the market later in the day. However, our first stop on the Wednesday edition of the Barcelona tour was the remarkably beautiful church Santa Maria Del Mar.

This ancient yet pristinely maintained building is often a favourite on our tour, as it gives the children the opportunity to sit and have time with their thoughts within a peaceful tranquility. Remarkably, the noise and hustle and bustle of Barcelona is left at the door as silence befalls all those who enter the church’s doors. I have to say how immensely proud I am of all your children for perfectly respecting the silence and understanding that this is an active place of worship and such an important building to so many in the local area – well done Class 6 so impressive!

Following on from our holy start, we ventured further into the heart of Barcelona for our most exciting challenge of the week – the Spanish market: Santa Caterina. We split off into 5 groups with the challenge of purchasing enough food for our lunch that day. Seniora Hayes has been teaching this class for several years, although recently we’ve had a Barcelona focus and it certainly paid off. Every single child asked for something, questioned the price of individual items or the total, told the traders how many slices or grams or bunches they would like and of course lots of pleases and thank yous. In fact, they were so good that some children were rewarded with free meats and cheeses from the stall holders. After saying I was proud for the group after the church, there are no superlatives to justify their “performance” st the market – the food choice were impressive too, lots of fresh fruit on show.

Packing up the food in our bags, we meandered even further into the heart of Barcelona to eat our market bought ingredients in the sunshine and shade. We settled upon a park to rest our weary legs and devour our purchases. En route to our perfect picnic spot, we passed the most beautiful gardens and trees. Although the most eye-catching monument was a giant golden water fountain cascading through the park. We have photographic evidence, just once again a technical issue is preventing that currently.

Following on with a full belly, we returned to the Picasso museum (that we had passed earlier in the day) to gain cultural knowledge of the famous artist. Mrs. Silvester and I have had this tour three years on the trot and we still have seen new pieces of artwork and learnt new information, so ask your children about Picasso and you may even become educated on the great man yourself!

Finally, we made our way to the Telefonica up to the castle at Montjuic. This our chance to soak up the views and map where we have travelled across the city. The most obvious site is Sagrada Familia which stands high above the rest of the Barcelona skyline. The children enjoyed basking in the glorious sunshine as we wandered round the grounds and various levels of the castle. After stopping on the way back down the Telefonica for an ice lolly, we journeyed back to Hotel Canton for the final time. Here we all enjoyed a large bowl of pasta and later played various Barcelona trip games and learnt some new interesting facts about our classmates thanks to a question game created by Mrs.Quirk.

Our last night in Barcelona was filled with fun, giggles and games before all children sensibly made their way to bed. Unbelievably some have already packed! The rest of us will pack tomorrow morning, before we head out for shopping and hopefully churros somehwere in the last few hours of Barcelona sunshine. We’re all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, as I’m sure you’re looking forward to seeing us too.

One of Mrs. Quirk’s questions was “What will be the first thing you do when you’re home from barcelona?” Answers ranged from “I don’t know, I haven’t thought about home yet.” all

the way to “I’ll give my parents a big hug and tell them about everything!” Although some of us simply wrote “rest” or “sleep”, all the answers were spot on as all will need to be completed and we’re excited to do so!


Pictures will hopefully follow tomorrow!