This is our victory!

Yet another action packed term for Class 6 drew to a close with the highly anticipated Battle of the Churchills 2016/17.

battle of churchills

Our topic of World War 2 has seen us delve into the terrifying yet inspiring memories of yesteryear. We have written speeches as Neville Chamberlain, written diaries as a character from Goodnight Mr.Tom, researched a famous wartime leader, found facts from the Battle of Britain, written our own chilling German propaganda, experienced first hand the jobs and tasks of wartime Britain with our history workshop and we rounded the topic off with our very own Winston Churchill speech – what a lot of work!

After planning, writing and preparing our speech, we gathered together to compete in the most tightly contested “speech off” St.John’s has ever seen. The first round saw us deliver our speech to a small group of randomly selected peers. We then had a secret ballot to determine who would progress to the next round. The lucky 16 contestants were then paired with a new opponent to battle off one on one. Yet another small group decided each pair’s fate. We were then down to 8.

final 8

The final 8 were allowed 10 seconds each to deliver one particular rousing section of their speech, in an attempt to win the votes of the previously eliminated contestants – now eager spectators.

After much deliberation, our 8 semi-finalists were whittled down to 5 finalists. We were intending for 4 finalists, however, we just couldn’t separate the incredible speeches of 5 students: Sophie, Nathan, Freya, Eliza and Paddy.

blog freya

The final 5 performed their entire speeches to the captivated audience of previous contestants, Mrs.Quirk, Mrs. Gillhouley, Mrs. Baillache, Mrs.Barnett and myself – quite a large audience you can imagine.

One final vote brought us to one final winner.

Congratulations, Eliza. Victorious Champion of the Battle of the Churchills 2016/17.

Eliza winner

Fantastic term Class 6. Your work is improving each and every day, your attitude to learning is exceptional and your greatest achievement this term is your growing sense of unity as a class – it is wonderful to see, well done!

Have a restful and peaceful break, a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

I will see you in January.

Class 6 Live on BBC!

   705  699

The highlight of our week has to be our opportunity to

take part in a LIVE Science lesson via BBC Live Science website.

Mrs. Casewell asked Class 6 if they would be willing to take part in a new initiative by BBC to engage hundreds of young scientists around the UK. Of course we said yes! Our task was to take part in the live science lessons with over 100 other schools around the country at the same time, then we needed to assess the experience, decide whether it was a positive experience and whether Mrs. Casewell should look to include more classes in the future.

Well the answer to all of those questions was a resounding….YES! Every single child who took part in the live lesson, from St. John’s, loved the experience.

At 11 am, the 60 second countdown started to the live feed from BBC studios. Class 6 gathered in their seats with their Science books open and ready to learn. We were introduced to our two presenters, Leah and Ben, our scientist, Steve Mould, and of course the star of the show – Hacker the Dog.

During the lesson, we learnt that to become successful scientists we need to; observe the world around us, ask questions about how and why things work, and to record our findings and thoughts.


After that, we moved on to the topic of Electricity. This was when we became physically involved. We had two separate worksheets to complete in two time-slots of 60 seconds. Lots of discussion, thinking and scientific concluding happened in that total of 120 seconds.

700Mr.Still even tweeted our answers live to the studio! Unfortunately, our answers weren’t read out but we were correct in our scientific thinking – although we would’ve been very excited to see our names appear on live television! 701

Our favourite part of the session was a demonstration that we were able to repeat in class. Using; plastic cups, table tennis balls, a high-visibility jacket and a powerful torch, we were able to reproduce the energy flowing around a simple circuit to light up our bulb. We even managed to repeat the demonstration to both Year 4 classes – who impressed us with their own knowledge of circuits and the flow of electricity!


Here are a few of our quotes after the event:

“I really liked how funny Hacker the dog was and that we all had the chance to be scientists.”

“I thought it was brilliant that Mr.Still could tweet the presenters live in the studio!”

“10/10. Definitely want to do one of these again!”


So as you can see a very positive response from Year 6, however, they were also critical thinkers too and had a few suggestions to improve the experience.

Mrs. Casewell and Mr. Still will now plan a future live lesson including the suggestions from our fantastic Year 6s too.

Well done, Year 6. Responsible, engaged and hard-working: brilliant ambassadors for St.John’s.

Thank you also to Mrs. Casewell for researching and suggesting such a brilliant experience. We all truly enjoyed it and learnt so much too!

Source or No Source?

Yet another busy week for Class 6!

In maths we have been creating equivalent fractions. Some of us have completed incredibly tricky fraction puzzles, others have learnt how to simplify using the lowest common denominator. All in all, we are fraction experts these days in Class 6!

In Literacy we have continued our WW2 themed work. The topics this week have been famous political leaders and also the Battle of Britain. The former unearthed incredible facts such as the brutal behaviours of Benito Mussolini – did you know that he was expelled from several schools for assaulting classmates with a penknife? Terrifying man!

The Battle of Britain fittingly fell upon the 11th of the 11th as St. John’s beautifully remembered all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our work detailed the battle as well as exploring the achievements of individual men and their personal experiences. A humbling moment for the entirety of Year 6.

Finally, we delved deeper in to our science topic of Light. The class engaged in a team based game of Source or No Source – a complete and utter rip-off of Deal or No Deal by myself! Children had to pit their wits against other teams to earn the best deal from the banker. The winning team: Harrison, Paddy, Sandra, Oli, Eron, Charlie.T. Congratulations!

World War 2 in Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2!

This term our focus is World War Two. We will be studying the major events, political leaders, memorable speeches and hard-hitting propaganda from the time.

This week we have looked at the beginnings of WW2. In groups of two or three we wrote down “What I think I know about WW2” and also “What I would like to know about WW2”. We are hoping to be able to add to our base knowledge and also discover the answers to our many interesting questions such as;

  • How many people lost their lives during World War 2?
  • Who “won” World War 2?
  • What was life like in Britain whilst troops were fighting abroad?
  • What food was eaten during WW2? Was there enough?
  • How did WW2 begin? Who started the war?

Well that last question we have already answered! Using BBC class clips of actual footage and researching our own political leaders, we have discovered that Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler had many discussions, meetings and negotiations before the “beginning” of WW2.


We have taken on the role of Neville Chamberlain and written our own war-time speeches to our British nation. Come back next week to see our final drafts and potentially hear some being formed as Neville Chamberlain himself.

The plot thickens…

Once again a very busy week in Class 6, lots of brilliant learning and representing of St. John’s. We also welcomed our newest member to the class, Nathan, who has settled in very quickly and made many friends already – mainly those on his team for football at lunchtime.

We’ve covered large sections of Wolf Brother this week to make our way through the twisting, turning plot. I have to say I do enjoy leaving the narrative on a cliffhanger; I’m not sure that the children would agree! We’ve seen Torak win his fight, only to be re-captured by the Ravens. We’ve escaped the camp and made new allies along the way.

Today was the most exciting section of all: The Hidden People. We ventured in to the scariest, creepiest chapter of the book so far as Torak has to deal with the ghostly, haunting river souls who tempt him to abandon his quest and lose all hope.

Most of us were even brave enough to face the Hidden People (not really ghosts but in fact the rest of Class 6) and travel down the classroom listening to the whispers and hushes.

Next week we will be writing up our work on to ghostly paper to display in our classroom!


Inspirational Illustrator

On Monday, Class 6 and Class 5 were both incredibly lucky to attend a talk from a professional author and illustrator, William Grill. Class 5 have been studying his book in their Literacy lessons and Class 6 were very grateful for informing them of the details of his book before they went to meet him.

He told us all about the importance of perseverance and how the only way you can ever know that you’ve truly succeeded is if you’ve experience failure at some point before. Mr.Grill was very positive about the fact that “failures” shouldn’t be seen as negative experiences, but something to learn from and strive to succeed.

Some of us were incredibly lucky and were able to flick through one of his many sketch books; we were fascinated that he was so willing for hundreds of children to flick through his plans, drafts and “bad drawings” as he called them.


A very open, honest, inspiring speaker, William Grill has hopefully succeeded in his intentions of inspiring St.John’s Upper Key Stage 2 to “have a go”. Stop worrying about getting things wrong and failing at your first attempt, just remember to always try your best.

Let’s see if we can spot Class 5 & 6 doing that in the future!

Into The Woods And Off To The Opera House

What a week!

On Monday we were fortunate enough to receive our new St.John’s Year 6 ties. What an absolute privilege! It really is fantastic to see so many children already wearing them with such pride. You all look very smart indeed!

Following on from that we have been continuing our roles as buddies to the new Reception class. Once again, I must mention the incredible efforts and attitude of every single member of Class 6 towards their Reception buddy. It truly is remarkable to see the diligent, attentive help from every member of the class. Well done Class 6!

In Literacy, we have been describing the wonderfully wild settings of Wolf Brother. From that we have become poets sand produced powerful pieces using all five senses altered and affected by the woodlands. Finally, we have chosen our favourite section of our own work to produce a River of Words….pictures to follow soon!

But the true highlight of the week has to be our incredibly lucky visit to the Royal Opera House to see La Fille mal Gardee. The show was stunning. The venue was incredible. The behaviour was impeccable. Although I was in attendance, every single group leader has commented to me personally on the wonderful behaviour, attitude and ballet etiquette from every member of Class 6.

All in all, a brilliant week from Class 6 who are proving themselves as wonderful role models for the entire school to follow.

Well done Team Six!

A scene from La Fille Mal Gardee by The Royal Ballet @ Royal Opera House. (Opening 16-04-15) ©Tristram Kenton 04/15 (3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550 Mob 07973 617 355)email: A scene from La Fille Mal Gardee by The Royal Ballet @ Royal Opera House. (Opening 16-04-15) ©Tristram Kenton 04/15 (3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550 Mob 07973 617 355)email: A scene from La Fille Mal Gardee by The Royal Ballet @ Royal Opera House. (Opening 16-04-15) ©Tristram Kenton 04/15 (3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550 Mob 07973 617 355)email:

Fabulous. Fantastic. Non-Fiction Fact Files.

This week in Class 6, we have been uncovering the truth.

Our aim has been to produce and present information, that is entirely true and genuine, to our readers. Our topics have included; wolves, bears and a young boy called Torak. Between us we have produced 87 amazing fact files across this week to highlight the important information about each chosen topic.

The hardest part of the task was to actually research and discover facts that would astonish and amaze, however I think we were successful indeed.

Did you know that brown bears can grow claws up to 15 cms long – that’s half the size of a school ruler!

Also, wolves have 42 razor-sharp teeth in their powerful jaws. In fact, their jaws are so powerful that they could snap through our thighbones with one vicious bite.

Finally, were you aware that all grizzly bears are brown bears, but not all brown bears are grizzly bears… need to think carefully about that one!

No matter the subject or lesson, Class 6 have worked incredibly hard all week and have been dedicated to producing their best work at every occasion.

I’m very impressed, keep it up guys!

Mutts and Mongrels

Once again, a very busy week for Class 6. In maths we have been crossing the zero interval and delved deep in to negative numbers. In Literacy, we have immersed ourselves in Wolf Brother portraying the two main characters of the book so far. We were considering the emotions of both characters and how they might solve their current predicaments. Next week, we will find out if we are correct!

However, our highlight of the week has to be our science lesson. We became dog breeders for the afternoon to create mixed breeds of dogs through cross-breeding. Using iPads we researched the physical, emotional and social attributes of various dog breeds and eventually created our brand new breeds. Listing the positive and negative potential inherited traits made it very clear to see which dogs would be perfect pooches and which would be pesky puppies.

If you have a mixed breed at home, please bring in a picture to school and we can put them up on the wall next to my Jackhuahua (Jack Russell and Chihuahua) called Jack.


Welcome back to Class 6!

A very warm welcome back to St.John’s and school life! Our brand new Year 6s have been hard at work all week in their new classroom with new responsibilities and role models as eldest in the school.

I would like to say a huge congratulations and well done to all of those who completed their holiday homework. It is definitely the most impressive collection of homework pieces I’ve ever had; really well done Class 6! All those who completed their homework will receive a prize on Monday.

However, a special mention must go to both Lily and Nicky for outstanding work, incredible ideas and extra effort. Very impressive pieces!

We have seriously hit the ground running this week, and we don’t intend to slow down anytime soon! We’ve introduced our book for the term in Literacy: Wolf Brother. We have quite literally judged a book by its cover by stating whether we will like the story on looks alone. All of us have predicted how we think the story will play out and even guessed the ending…only the entire term to wait to find out!


In maths we have been securing our skills of place value in numbers as big as and beyond 1,000,000. We’ve completed our first times tables test and look to improve our scores week on week until the end of the year. Weekly housepoints will be gained for achieving this impressive feat.

Next week, we look forward to settling in to our class routine without the 11+ looming over us. Well done to all children who sat the exams and remember that as long as you’ve tried your best then you can be incredibly proud and no one can ask anymore of you! Well done also to the rest of the class for being so supportive and great friends for our classmates who were feeling nervous and apprehensive. Really impressive to see.

All in all a very busy and productive week for Year 6.

Roll on Week 2!