Little Romans Invade

Wow! This morning we were invaded by Romans, both rich and poor as they streamed excitedly in through the school doors in eager anticipation of their Roman-themed day. Thank you for the amazing effort with the costumes. It certainly added the WOW factor to the day.

In Maths, we unravelled a Roman recipe that was written in Roman Numerals and we cracked a few codes to decipher secret messages. We had a super playtime, charging around the “battlefield” reenacting battles between the Iceni and Romans, and rescuing beautiful Roman empresses and maidens, before attending our Roman workshop led by “Flora, the archeaologist” from Crew Education.PicCollage (1)

She had all the children engaged and interacting with props, artifacts and costumes. We learned about Claudius and his army, both what they wore and military strategies; the lives of wealthy Romans and their slaves and reenacted a battle against Boudica and her tribe.

The afternoon, was spent designing and making mosaics which we will be using in our maths lesson next term.



A new year and many new beginnings.

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back after a lovely Christmas break. The children seem well rested and eager to learn. Excitedly, we began reading our new book, Varjak Paw, and most children are enjoying it immensely. Varjak is currently faced with the dilemma to stay in the only home he has ever known, or listen to the Elder Paw and leave to seek help in the outside world. As always, classroom opinion is divided, with strong cases for both sides being argued by the children who have written persuasive letters to Varjak to help him with his dilemma.

PicCollage (1)In Maths, we have begun our new topic, Fractions! We have been making sure we understand that a fraction represents equal parts of a whole. We have done lots of paper folding and used the Numicon to create fraction creatures demonstrating our understanding. We have begun to look at equivalent fractions and will be learning to add and subtract them.

PicCollage (2)In science, our new topic is Sound. We began with a very noisy and active carousel of activities to help the children understand how sounds are made and how they travel.

Remember: Please have complete PE kits in school every day. Also, I have set some Mymaths homework for you all to have a go at. Currently, this is optional as we are trialing the system but do have a go as it will support your learning in class.



Seasons Greetings!

My, how times flies! I can’t quite believe it is the end of term 2 and that we are about to embark on our Christmas holidays. I’d like to begin by saying a huge thank you to all the parents who contributed to my wonderful gift. I was so touched by your generosity. Thank you!

We have packed in heaps of learning so it is hard to pick out a few best bits. As always, I was delighted to see a range of media used to present the Roman project homework. I especially enjoyed the video news reports (well done for persuading your parents to join in too!). Thank you Emi for having a go at doing some Roman baking and for sharing your delicious honey cakes with the class – unanimously “Delicious!”

IMG_1701In science, we have learned all about electricity and have used our knowledge of circuits to design and build our own light up Christmas decorations.

We have been very busy finishing off our stories modelled on Mouse, Bird, Snake,Wolf and we have had a go at making our own graphic novels (soon to be on display).IMG_1702








Miss Parfett, has worked with both classes to create iPad movies in Computing lessons.
She has set up a school YouTube account which means that you can view all of the movies everyone in Year 4 has made. She has ensured there are no faces of the children included in the films, sometimes an occasional hand can be seen! If you would like to watch the movies please use link :

IMG_1699This week has been full of festivities: creating Christingles, Christmas dinner, Carol singing and a Christmas film treat. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and I look forward to continuing to work with all your lovely children in the new term.




What a treat!

To start the week we were amazed and dazzled by the mystery of magic performed by our visiting magicians, Abracademy! This was a real treat!

In Maths, we began learning new division methods. First, we revised the use of arrays to find equal groups and then moved onto using place value counters. Erin and Jessica’s work shows how we record our learning.







Image-1 (3)

Predicting, testing and explaining were the skills we developed in our Science lesson this week as both classes were set the challenge to “Fix the circuit”. They had to look closely at the diagram, predict whether the circuit would work, test it and then explain why it wasn’t working. It was wonderful to see the children being real scientists!

We were visited by Year 6, who taught us how electricity flows through a circuit. Read the Science blog to find out more….



Our Literacy work, concluded our learning about balanced arguments. Using our Power of Reading text, we considered whether Ben, Sue and Harry’s actions are right? Should they be taking the job of the gods by creating creatures to fill the gaps in their world? Or could their actions have dire consequences? We have used all the language and features needed in a balanced argument and on balance, as a class, we think the children are going to cause serious  trouble and they are doing the wrong thing! Examples of work will soon be on display.



LIGHTING IT UP and staying safe

After finding out what we already know and what we’d like to learn during our Electricity topic last week, we dived in and began learning. The first task was to make the light bulb work in a simple circuit as this will be a vital skill in future lessons and for our DT project.

Image-1 (1)

We then used a super website ( to learn about electrical hazards in the home. This helped the children to understand why I said “No” to them asking to investigate “What happens if we mix water and electricity – can we find out in class?” Absolutely not! Using the website,the children identified different hazards and with a partner they are creating informative posters to warn others of the dangers and how to stay safe.


Image-1In RE, we continued learning about Moses and the Ten Commandments. I was so impressed with the children’s knowledge of all the Bible stories associated with Moses. Through a game we explored the commandments and then considered which of them other faiths, cultures and non-Christians would follow. Interestingly, when asked if they could add one more rule what it would be, most said, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” Even more interesting were their answers to ” Which of the commandments are the hardest to keep?” – “Listening to my mum and dad and doing what they say” and ” Not wanting what others have” were the top answers.

Remember: Music on Monday. Swimming kits on Tuesday.



Back to school

I hope that you had a lovely break over half term. The children have returned to school looking smart in their winter uniforms and ready to learn (and learn we have!) We have enjoyed teaching each other interesting facts we found out about our chosen scientists researched over the half term. Thank you for the amazing projects!

IMG_1462During our Literacy lessons, we began reading Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf. Opinions about the book at this stage are varied, which generates interesting debate and discussion (an important skill to be learned in Year 4). The children loved using drama to illustrate how vain, pompous and arrogant the gods who created the world are. After which, the children were then inspired to write proclamations, in role as the vain, lazy gods.



Fantastic factor fireworks were a highlight in our maths learning this week (especially being this close to Bonfire Night). Why not spot arrays when you are out and about this week, take a photo and we’ll add it to our maths display. IMG_1461



Reminders: 4C begin their swimming lessons on Tuesday and need to remember their swimming kits including swimming caps. I look forward to meeting you at Parents evening next week.




This week we completed our stories, creating our own endings as an alternative to Carol Ann Duffy’s. The children have enjoyed creating awful fates to get rid of the witch and they have  worked hard on achieving their writing targets. Super writing! (work will be on display shortly). Today we created this gorgeous artwork to accompany our writing.644

It has been a long week of assessments and the children have coped really well with flexible timetabling,striving to do their very best everyday. I have been impressed with their positive attitude and determination. None more so, than on their weekly times tables tests, in which all the children  have made progress (some exceptional). Congratulations to Rebecca who begins the Division Challenge today and good luck to Griff who will take this on next half term.

In Science, we concluded our States of Matter topic learning about  the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle. We wrote explanations to accompany our diagrams to show our understanding.

Remember :

Science homework is due Tuesday  (first day back).

Please practise tying your ties over the half term. I hope you do get to go to the Kent Science Festival and I look forward to hearing about all the fun you have had when we return.



Questions Questions

This week, we have been asking many questions in all our lessons.

In DT with Mrs Bennett, we considered “Which is the stronger bridge? Truss or Beam?” The surprise was making the bridges using candy and spaghetti (much to tIMG_1418he children’s excitement).

In Maths, we have considered “Where have I gone wrong?” as we were set the challenge to spot the column subtraction errors and explain why they were made (also to model how the calculation should have been done).

In RE, we continued considering the Bible’s importance to Christians. I asked, “How is the Bible like…….?” How is the Bible like a torch? A compass? A car manual? A recipe book? Book of rules? A map? The children eloquently and insightfully explained their thinking. Ask you children what they think?

In Science, we asked “What is condensation and evaporation?“, carrying out practical enquiries to find out. For example, we observed condensation on a cold mirror that we breathed on, on the window by a steaming bowl of water, on the outside of Mrs C’s glass of cold water. We looked at evaporation as laundry dries on the washing line, water holes and puddles drying up, and we began an investigation to see what factors can speed up the rate of evaporation (to be continued next week).

My goodness, a week full of questions and great learning! One more week to go.

Remember: Please bring in your musical instrument on Monday and have your PE kit in on Tuesday and Friday.




4C are writers!

On Wednesday, we proved that we are indeed writers! Brilliant ones at that! 4C, you made my day! I loved reading every diary entry and I am so proud of you! Let’s keep working together to be the very best writers we can be.

Below are few examples to read. The others will be on display shortly.

IMG_1411IMG_1413 (1) IMG_1412

Can you spot yours?

Sonny wrote:

Dreadful! Absolutely dreadful! Why was I not braver? Shall I tell you what happened? It all started when I heard a twig snap. Frightened, I span around and there was an old hag standing behind me. Nervously, I stared into her eyes which were like red poisonous berries. Her touch was like pepper when she clutched my arm. The pain was unbearable! Unbearable, I tell you! She snatched the sack of happy endings and she darted, faster than fury, through the forest to her witch hut in the darkest corners of the forest.

Harvest festival was wonderful! Well done to my lovely brave readers; Sam, Luke and Erin, who all read confidently and clearly. Thank you for your commitment to practising your readings with me this week.






A busy week for 4C and River news

We have had an exceptionally busy week this week, packed with varied learning experiences. In Literacy, we began our new text, Lost Happy Endings and we have been exploring the wonderful language and detailed descriptions. We have started writing our own descriptions of forest settings (soon to be on display).

In Maths, we have focused on learning column methods for addition. All the children have worked hard in lessons and have enjoyed learning a new compact method. However, I have highlighted these as examples should you wish to practise at home. Erin’s work this week was neatly presented and Ethan showed excellent reasoning in solving a challenging addition puzzle.  IMG_1396 IMG_1397

Thursday was definitely the highlight of the week as 4C traveled to Horton Kirby Environmental Education Centre. We walked to the River Darent to learn more about features of rivers. We measured the flow of the current using rubber ducks, the depth of the river and we had the opportunity to create our own rivers, ensuring that we limited the amount of erosion. We created tributaries and meanders. It was a fun- filled, educational day that has enhanced our learning in class.  Thank you Miss Parfett, Mrs Silvester, Mr Brand and all the parent volunteers who made the trip possible. 4c river