Year 5 – the latest news…

What a lovely start to term 5. The sun is shining (at last), and on Wednesday the whole school was very fortunate to walk up to the Vine to celebrate the return of our local double Olympic champion Lizzy Yarnold.  After her historic win in Pyeonchang, the skeleton racer brought the gold home to Sevenoaks on an open-top bus tour and we were there to meet her and wave our flags! Make sure you look at our photos in the Sevenoaks Chronicle.



This term we have began working on fairy tales in advance of today’s meeting with KS2 to discuss the Summer Production. Both Year 5 classes will be writing a fairy tale as their part in the Production and everyone will have input into the design of the fairy tale and the subsequent script. A very exciting time for us all.

Our fractions maths journey has finished and we have begun working with decimals and looking at their relation to fractions. As you are aware, each class chooses a vehicle for each different maths journey and this time 5J have chosen skeleton bob in honour of Lizzie Yarnold and 5S a mobility scooter! The reasoning for the scooter being that we all need a little help to get to the end of our journey.

Our geography topic is the UK and we will be looking at the counties and more of the UK in detail. Science has us exploring forces and we are very much looking forward to investigating forces such as gravity and air resistance. In R.E. we take a look at Judaism and with art we are exploring British landscapes.

We look forward to seeing the children’s presentations for the reading circle over the coming weeks and perhaps we will see many of you at the 11+ meeting on Tuesday 1st May.

The Year 5 team.

There’s K-no-le Hike like a St. John’s hike!

This term we have contended with extreme weather conditions, fractions, The Highway Man poem, visits to St. John’s Church and a 7 km hike to Knole Park in aid of Sports Relief.

Here are some of our experiences in pictures.

Snow Globes and snowflakes:


Our visit to St. John’s Church to find out more about Holy Communion with Father Matthew:

Our epic hike!

We would like to thank all the children for their hard work this term and all the parents for their continued support. It was lovely to see you at parent consultations.


Next term we will be thinking about writing our part in the summer production, reading a new book (shh, it’s still a secret) and embarking on our PGL residential. Yeah!


Mhairi Mackelworth and Jane Gillhouley

There’s s-no-w stopping us!

Good morning Year 5,

We hope that you enjoyed some of the tasks that we set yesterday.

Today you may choose 2 more tasks to keep you learning. You may like to swap out one of the tasks for MyMaths – if you can access it from home. We have set:

  • multiplication
  • division – part two is a bit tricky, just do your best
  • squared and cubed numbers
  • 12 times table
  • improper fractions and mixed numbers

Remember the username is stjohnss – note the double s at the end! Don’t forget, you can work with a pen and paper for workings if it helps while working on screen.

See you all on Monday,


Mrs Gillhouley, Mrs Grimble and Mrs Mackelworth

Snowy days homework

Good Morning Year 5,

We hope you have been enjoying the snow so far and not been too cold!

It’s now time to catch up with a bit of school work. We have endeavoured to make it interesting and varied so you can choose the work that inspires you. There are 8 choices and we would like you to pick two very different ones. As we are only asking you to complete 2 pieces today they need to be to your best ability and of the highest quality.

If school is closed again tomorrow, you may want to pick a further two pieces.

Please click on the link (Mr Still is working on adding it) to see the work that has been set and it will also be sent to you as an attachment on parent mail.

Class 5 Snow Work

Enjoy the snow and keep warm.

Mrs Grimble and Mrs Gillhouley


Mountain Madness

What a busy start to Term 4.  We’ve created our own little mountain range right here in Sevenoaks!

We’ve been so impressed with the children’s creativity and hard work over the mid-term break: from photographs of intrepid mountaineering by parents and grandparents; a mountain model complete with a pull-out core of the earth; scaled drawings, paintings and models of famous mountains of the world; tales of intrepid mountaineers, both past and present, and fact files of less well-known and more local mountains.

The children have presented their work with confidence and clarity beyond their years and set our mountain topic alive with their enthusiasm.  So, a BIG thank you to all of you for your hard work.  We’ve begun to send some of the larger pieces home, just to regain a little desk space!

This week, Year 5 were also lucky enough to enjoy the ROBOKIDS Science Show and Workshop, in a link to our Earth and Space topic.  The show took them on an entertaining and inspiring journey into the future of Space, programming and robots, with help from friendly robot, Nao.  In the workshop, they also got hands-on experience, building and programming their own robots, which the children loved.

In Maths, we have started our work on fractions. This will take us right up to half term. It will be a great topic and there is no need to fear fractions as the way in which we teach it in Year 5 ensures that everyone experiences both success and challenge.

Just a reminder that next week is World Book Day, and the children are invited to dress up as a favourite fictional character on Friday 2 March…another opportunity for 5J to display their creativity and resourcefulness!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mhairi Mackelworth and Jane Gillhouley

Spelling Super Stars!!!!

Just when I was beginning to lose faith, it has finally happened. Two amazing achievements…

Number One: We have had 100% attendance this week – first time this academic year.

Well done!

Number Two: 100% of the class got 100% of their spellings correct in today’s test! So extra play was had by all.

Great work Year 5J

Next week it’s homophones – crickey, better get learning them now…

Mrs G





What a lovely start to the new year

It’s been fantastic getting to know the children of 5J better this term, and hard to believe that the February holiday is close approaching.

In Science the children have been learning all about Earth and Space. They’ve had the chance to make their own ‘Fruit Solar System,’ by thinking about the relative size of each planet (by diameter), and order of the planets from the sun. They’ve learnt about the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, and how he discovered that the Earth was a sphere, and have had the opportunity to create fact files on subjects as diverse as the Dwarf Planets, Black Holes and the First Moon Landing.

In English the children made a fantastic job of writing and performing a ‘live’ news bulletin about the deadly attack on Danish warriors by bloodthirsty demon, Grendel, in the story of Beowulf. They’ve also been showing off their sophisticated punctuation knowledge, adding colons and semi-colons to job advertisements to find a brave hero to slay the monster.

The children have made huge strides in maths this term, mastering compact multiplication, and division using a division bracket. Times table fluency has been crucial to success in these calculations, so keep practising!


The children have particularly enjoyed this term’s computing lessons. They’re using Kodu, a visual programming tool, to master the skills they’ll need to create their own computer game. It’s lovely to see their enjoyment and aptitude in this area of the curriculum.

Mrs Mhairi Mackleworth

Welcome back 5J

It was lovely to see everyone back in school yesterday (Isla get well soon). We hope you  had a wonderful Christmas and a good start to the new year.

Thank you again for all our gorgeous presents – it was very generous of you all.

5J had a rather lovely surprise when they entered the classroom on their first day. The self portrait gallery has been installed over the break and it is ready for visitors! The children enjoyed looking at each other’s portraits and their own. We would like to invite you all in on Wednesday 10th January at the end of the day to get a closer look at the display. It takes up a wall in Class 5J! Here’s a preview…

We are starting with a slightly adapted morning routine where children collect all their equipment ready for their learning rather than having it on the desks. This started well on Thursday and our aim to develop greater independence and better organisational skills has begun successfully. Keep it up 5J. To help with this please could children who have pencil cases have reasonable sized ones – we just don’t have room for the whole WH Smith range in our classroom, as exciting as that would be.

We look forward to an exciting term ahead.

Jane Gillhouley, Mhairi Mackelworth and Debbie Barnett

Merry Christmas to all

We would like to wish all our families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Thank you so much for your generous gifts.


The Year 5 team,


Jane Gillhouley, Sarah Grimble, Debbie Barnett, Phillipa Howe, Mhairi Mackelworth, Edmund Grobel, Jo Bennett and Helen Reynolds

Ta Ta to the Tudors!

Our Tudor project has finally come to an end. It’s incredible how much we have covered since September. We have a really good knowledge of the period now and, in addition, have produced some wonderful writing and been on two trips: one to Knole House and one to the National Portrait Gallery. Here we are working as a team to produce balanced arguments.

We finished our Tudor topic today by creating speeches inspired by Elizabeth I’s famous Tilbury Speech. Our speeches were all about standing for 5J’s Head Boy and Head Girl – we voted using a ballot box exploring the idea of democracy. Particularly relevant, we thought, considering the changes in Zimbabwe.  Here’s a snippet from Lois’ speech.

Congratulations to Francesca and Isaac on their success today.  We are currently working on our own modern self portraits.  Look out for our latest ones in a couple of weeks.

A final word on the Tudors…Here is a beautiful portrait painted by Edie – Well done Edie.

In maths, we have recently been on a number journey. Here it is!


This journey took us about three weeks to complete. We have learned about square, cubed and prime numbers as well as factors, common factors and multiples.

Currently, we are just completing our area and perimeter learning journey. The class have been amazing – they are able to find the perimeter and area of compound shapes which include shapes with missing measurements. Quite impressive. Here is Amy’s maths yesterday – well presented Amy!

We have been improving our times tables knowledge too. However, for some of us it’s still a bit of a challenge. All help at home to support your child to learn these would be hugely appreciated and very beneficial for the children, especially as we have multiplication and division as our next learning journey in preparation for fractions in term 3!!!

We are slowly improving in the spelling tests. Sadly we have not yet had 100% of children achieving 100% of their spellings in our weekly test. If we do…we are rewarded with 10 minutes extra playtime. Come on year 5J – you can do it.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Class 5J for their beautiful prayers – you wrote these at home for homework and last night I laminated and bound them. They are simply stunning. As a class you always do your homework, which makes everything run smoothly at school.

Well done – keep up the good work!