Term 2 Lots of learning ahead

This week, it has been lovely to see the children back after half term with exciting news to share and very rare and special treasures to show and tell. A 3.75million year old Megaladon tooth was one such treasure! How exciting! Thank you Megan for sharing that with us.

We have continued our learning about rivers and the water cycle, learning about the role played by evaporation and condensation in this process. We have learned through diagrams, actions and particularly songs. I hope the children have not been driving you mad with their singing. Although, I have to say, singing has worked effectively in helping them to recall the science vocabulary and also be able to write detailed explanations of the water cycle.  Here is the link to it ( Warning; it will get stuck in your head)  https://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=the+water+cycle+song#id=1&vid=e59ce0d5ff9a81efe05a8497ff03cc09&action=click

We have concluded the topic on rivers, writing a range of river poetry which will soon be on display in school.

This term, we begin our learning journey in maths; developing written methods for multiplication and division, finding factor pairs, plotting co-ordinates, area and perimeter. The children will continue to practise their times tables and division facts and support with this at home would be greatly appreciated.

We begin our “LIGHT  IT UP” topic, learning about electrical circuits, and by the end of term, we will conclude our learning with a DT project that uses the knowledge gained in science lessons.

It is a busy term once again, but the children are already increasing in their maturity and independence as learners and are a joy to teach, showing enthusiasm and greater willingness to work hard.

I look forward to meeting you all at parent consultations next week to share your child’s achievements with you.





As part of Year 4’s learning about rivers and the water cycle,a team from South East Water led a workshop teaching the children about where water comes from, how it reaches their homes and the importance of conserving it!

The most exciting part of the workshop was splitting into two teams, and being set the engineering challenge to design a pipe network to transport water around a village. To test the designs, water was let through the pipes whilst Mrs Casewell kept her fingers crossed that Class 4 were excellent engineers. She was not disappointed as both networks worked efficiently and there were no spillages.

One team was awarded the prize for creating the most direct route and also the most cost effective (South East water would be impressed); the other team was  awarded the prize for the most creative network, although not the most efficient!

Class 4 were set the 4 minute challenge in a bid to save water by showering. How many of you have taken up the challenge? Let Mrs Casewell know how well your family is getting on with this.


New Term News!

I am delighted to say that the children have settled in to their new classroom routines and are familiarising themselves with new learning expectations for Year 4 with a positive attitude and determination to do their best!

A few children have already earned their pen licences and some are very nearly there!  Dylan has been working hard to develop a neat, joined handwriting style and has had  piece of work put on display on our Wonderful Work Wall to celebrate this.

It has  already been a very busy term. In literacy, we have been exploring Carol Ann Duffy’s Lost Happy Endings which is full of gorgeous descriptive language and beautiful illustrations. We have been developing our inference skills and were surprised to find out how much we can learn about a character from a simple illustration. This week, we have written diary entries in the role of Jub, showing her disappointment and despair after having had the endings stolen by an evil, old woman.

In Science, we have been exploring states of matter, using drama to help us understand the properties of each state and so far we have investigated the question;Do gases weigh anything?”

In RE, we have been looking at the Creation story and what it tells Christians about God and also human nature. Yesterday, the children put forward arguments both in support  and defence of Adam and Eve’s actions; making for an interest debate!

We have been learning about the journey of a river in preparation for our River trip next week and we have been investigating and building different types of bridges in DT. Some of our work is on display outside the classroom.

So far, we all working hard to do our very best and I am certainly looking forward to watching the children develop maturity, independence and confidence over the course of the year. A busy year it will be, I assure you!


Edward Tulane

carroty woodThis term we have been very busy. We started the term by going to Carroty Wood. Within the same week we were searching in the pond for different types of pond life. Then in week 3 Father Robin invited us to go to the church to explore how different parts of it remind us of God. In week 4 we were able to go back to the forest, but this time we identifying trees using a classification key. Sophie and Matthew were also able to go to Wally Hall at lunch time to participate in some exciting science workshops.

Throughout the term, in English, we have been reading the book Edward Tulane. As a class we have been able to explore the churchbook and write in many different genres. We have really enjoyed finding out about all of Edward’s (Susanna’s) experiences as different things happen to him. So far we have been able to write our own endings to a fairy tale, write a poem about the different items he would have in his suitcase when moving to a different country, as well as using poetry to describe what it is like being in a landfill sight.

Within our Maths lessons, we have been exploring conversions from mm to cm, cm to m, m to km and ml to l. This proved a struggle for some of us because we had the challenge of remembering whether we were multiplying by 10, 100 or 1000! forestHowever after much perseverance and practice we all now feel confident enough to convert between the measures.

 In Art and DT this term we have been making our own Edward Tulane sock puppets. This enabled us to imagine what it would be like not being able to speak, or blink or even move our arms and legs!

Just a reminder that Sports Day is on the 28th June, weather permitting, and the Summer Fair is on the 1st July.

Carroty Wood

Term 3 ended with a very busy couple of weeks. The children made lip balm, learnt a poem for the mother’s day service, went to the Knole Park Literacy Festival, said prayers at the Easter Service and finally finished with an Easter Egg Hunt.

Term 4 however started with a far more exciting second week! Monday and Tuesday all of the children in Year 4 went to Carroty Wood in Tonbridge. As soon as we arrived we were given our Health and Safety talk, then 4C were able to go to their house to see their rooms. 4P were left with Mr Stringer and myself to play a game of rounders.


Then we were able to find our house with our ensuite bedrooms! Suddenly we were being whisked off to the High Ropes.

‘I do not want to go anywhere the near of the rope bridge!’ Sophie L

james dolley high ropessophie high ropes

‘I can’t wait to get to the top of Gladiator!’ James D

After the High Ropes I delivered the children the news that they had to make their own bed without any adult help. Luckily Milo was on hand in our house to help anyone who was stuck! Then we went off to complete the Low Ropes in our houses. The children were awarded points for every part they completed and then every time they fell off they lost 1 point. However if they were then to get any part of themselves wet they lost 5 points and ran the risk of being hosed off outside our house later on.

emily low ropesamy v low ropesedie low ropes

‘This looked really easy at the start however by the end I was scared of getting my feet wet!’ Madison A

Finally, we were able to go and eat our dinner which had been prepared by Mrs Quirk, Mr Stringer and Mrs Copp. We were all very grateful our dinner had been cooked however the children still had to lay the table and then wash up after they had eaten! After dinner we then went and spent an hour in the swimming pool playing with all the woggles and array of balls. At 9pm we ventured back to our house to put our pyjamas on and settle in for the night.

The next morning the children were woken and given an hour to strip their beds, have a shower and pack their bags ready for room inspection. Once their rooms were given the all clear they had to go and set the table ready for breakfast. After breakfast the children were then told they were going to have to make their own packed lunch for later on, which meant having to butter their own bread for sandwiches! Once lunch had been made we were then able to complete the maze, in which we had to guide members of our team around the maze trying to find pieces of the puzzle to piece together to make a saying.

‘My group had the saying ‘Do not give up!’ which was very funny because we couldn’t find the last piece to our puzzle so felt like giving up.’ Oliver L

‘My group had the saying ‘If you make a mistake go back to where you went wrong!’ which was very relevant to the story of the Prodigal Son, which Dan the instructor told us, because it meant that when the Son went wrong he went back to his family to put things right.’ Amy V

Once we had all completed the maze Mrs SIlvester then set us the Scavanger Hunt challenge. All of the children in Year 4 will be able to explain what they had to do.

I was very proud of everyone in 4P, you have all shown you can be independent, thoughtful, helpful to adults as well as each other, determined to complete activities to overcome fears.


Vicious Vanishings Solved!

Image result for varjak PawImage result for varjak Paw

During Term 3 and the start of Term 4 we have been reading Varjak Paw. On Friday 24th February we finished the book and found out how the case of ‘The Vanishings’ were solved. Varjak Paw has gripped everyone within the class and we were all really sad when we had finished the book but happy that the case had been solved and that Varjak could finally be the free cat he wanted to be! Due to us enjoying the book so much we asked Mrs Casewell whether we were able to borrow her copy of ‘The Outlaw Varjak Paw’ so we could find out whether he was able to survive living in the city.

‘Miss Parfett always stopped reading to us at the most tense part of the book, so I would not wait to get into school the next day to find out what was going to happen next.’ Ethan Craggs.

‘I was really upset when we had finished the first book but was so pleased when Miss Parfett was able to get the next book to read to us.’ Olly Jones.

Throughout Varjak Paw we have been able to write some lovely senses poems about the city, newspaper articles reporting on ‘The Vanishings’ and the fight between Julius and Varjak Paw.

Throughout this term we have been looking at fractions in relation to decimals. Everyone has also been working very hard learning their times tables. I can report that there are now 2 children on sheet 3, which involves finding 1/10 of a number and 3/4 of a number! This week 10 children were able to finish their sheet in under 5 minutes!

in our KUW lessons this term we are studying North America. In our first lesson we were able to learn about all 23 countries which make up North America. Then this week we tried to learn all 52 States of America. After 1 lesson the children were then split into groups to see which table could name the most States in 2 minutes. Edie, Isla, Sophie and Ethan were able to name 24 States in 2 minutes! Amazing work you 4!

topic display

All of the children look amazing today in their pyjamas in support of Mr Palmer.

Can I remind everyone that it is Parents Evening on the 20th and 21st March. I do hope everyone can make it! There will be MyMaths homework next week and the children are learning Set 7 Spellings ready for their test on Monday 6th March.


Little Romans Invade

Wow! This morning we were invaded by Romans, both rich and poor as they streamed excitedly in through the school doors in eager anticipation of their Roman-themed day. Thank you for the amazing effort with the costumes. It certainly added the WOW factor to the day.

In Maths, we unravelled a Roman recipe that was written in Roman Numerals and we cracked a few codes to decipher secret messages. We had a super playtime, charging around the “battlefield” reenacting battles between the Iceni and Romans, and rescuing beautiful Roman empresses and maidens, before attending our Roman workshop led by “Flora, the archeaologist” from Crew Education.PicCollage (1)

She had all the children engaged and interacting with props, artifacts and costumes. We learned about Claudius and his army, both what they wore and military strategies; the lives of wealthy Romans and their slaves and reenacted a battle against Boudica and her tribe.

The afternoon, was spent designing and making mosaics which we will be using in our maths lesson next term.



Welcome back

Welcome back everyone! I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Myself, Miss Howe, Mrs Askew and Mrs Foss would like to thank you all for your lovely gifts. Everyone in 4P came back into school on Tuesday looking very refreshed and eager to learn.

On Tuesday we started the term by completing a Science experiment, as a whole school. Mrs Casewell challenged us to build a ship, out of tin foil, that could hold multiple pennies. We were all taken into the hall and told about the rules, then we were sent back to our classrooms to start designing and experimenting. Our aim was to see how many pennies we could get our boat to hold before it sank. Many of us tried lots of different designs, however one person managed to make the best design in her first attempt. Hannah Robinson made an amazing boat with her first attempt and it held over 200 coins! Then suddenly everyone else realised that Hannah’s design was the most effective and many more ‘Hannah’s’ started to appear!

science experiment

In English we started to look at our new book ‘Varjak Paw’. At first some of us were not sure as to whether we were going to enjoy the book however the further into the book we get the more we want to read together as a class. Those children that have already read the book are doing an amazing job of not telling anyone else what has happened. On Wednesday we had to decide whether Varjak should go over the wall or stay behind. As a class we thought he should leave and go and get someone to help save Elder Paw. Now we are all eager to find out what happens in the book.

Since coming back after Christmas some of our times tables scores dipped a little however I can now inform everyone that nearly the whole class is consistently getting 50 or more. A special mention goes to Amy V who has now moved onto sheet 3! She is now having to tackle questions such as 1/4 of 20, quadruple 9 and 3/4 of 10!

In Topic this term we are looking at the Romans. Everyone enjoyed being able to complete the Roman homework before Christmas. Everyone did an amazing job on their homework, I especially liked watching some of the movies that people made!

Please can I remind everyone that musical instruments need to be in on Monday, PE kit in on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and the children will be tested on Set 2 of their spellings on Monday 16th January.

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf

This term we have enjoyed reading the story of Mouse Bird Snake Wolf. By the end of the term we had written our own versions of the story, made our stories into an animated movie and made them into comic strip!

I was given permission by Mrs Quirk to make a school YouTube account which means that you can view all of the movies everyone in Year 4 has made. I have ensured there are no faces of the children included in the films, sometimes an occasional hand can be seen! if you would like to watch the movies please use the link below:


In Maths this term we have been working really hard at multiplying and dividing numbers. Everyone within the class can now complete calculations like the ones shown below:


Our times tables scores continue to keep improving: Amy V, Seb and Laura are currently completing the division calculations sheet! Amy H managed to increase her score, last week, from 77 to 100!!! William managed to increase his score by 9 more and Oliver L has made it into the 90’s!! Keep up the good work 4P!

Please can everyone remember to bring in their PE kit on the first day back as we will be having PE! The children have written into their planners that they are learning Set 1 of their spellings, however they will not be tested on these until Monday 9th January!

Finally have a lovely relaxing Christmas!

Image result for christmas



Magic Monday!

We started the week off with a very exciting assembly. We were lucky enough to be joined by some magicians who bamboozled us with their tricks! Year 5 were really lucky though as they got to learn some of the tricks from the magicians.


On Tuesday we had a special visit from Mrs Grimble, she came to see how well her class was getting on and to look at the English books. We were lucky enough to squeeze in enough time to debate whether we thought Little Ben and Sue were doing the right thing by making new animals for the planet.


In Maths we have been working hard on division, We were all able to remember how to divide using arrays last year which meant we could move onto division using the bus stop method. some of us were even able to do this without any place value counters! In our times tables test this week we have two very special mentions: Jake managed to increase his score by 29 points, and Laura was able to get another 100% in her division facts sheet! Amazing work you two, keep up the good work!

In English next week we would all really like to make our own animal, to add to the world, out of natural resources. Therefore it would be really helpful if the children could bring in leaves, twigs, pine cones etc. Please can these come in, in a plastic bag so on Tuesday when it comes to making them they wont have been lost within the classroom or trays!