Welcome back

Welcome back everyone! I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Myself, Miss Howe, Mrs Askew and Mrs Foss would like to thank you all for your lovely gifts. Everyone in 4P came back into school on Tuesday looking very refreshed and eager to learn.

On Tuesday we started the term by completing a Science experiment, as a whole school. Mrs Casewell challenged us to build a ship, out of tin foil, that could hold multiple pennies. We were all taken into the hall and told about the rules, then we were sent back to our classrooms to start designing and experimenting. Our aim was to see how many pennies we could get our boat to hold before it sank. Many of us tried lots of different designs, however one person managed to make the best design in her first attempt. Hannah Robinson made an amazing boat with her first attempt and it held over 200 coins! Then suddenly everyone else realised that Hannah’s design was the most effective and many more ‘Hannah’s’ started to appear!

science experiment

In English we started to look at our new book ‘Varjak Paw’. At first some of us were not sure as to whether we were going to enjoy the book however the further into the book we get the more we want to read together as a class. Those children that have already read the book are doing an amazing job of not telling anyone else what has happened. On Wednesday we had to decide whether Varjak should go over the wall or stay behind. As a class we thought he should leave and go and get someone to help save Elder Paw. Now we are all eager to find out what happens in the book.

Since coming back after Christmas some of our times tables scores dipped a little however I can now inform everyone that nearly the whole class is consistently getting 50 or more. A special mention goes to Amy V who has now moved onto sheet 3! She is now having to tackle questions such as 1/4 of 20, quadruple 9 and 3/4 of 10!

In Topic this term we are looking at the Romans. Everyone enjoyed being able to complete the Roman homework before Christmas. Everyone did an amazing job on their homework, I especially liked watching some of the movies that people made!

Please can I remind everyone that musical instruments need to be in on Monday, PE kit in on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and the children will be tested on Set 2 of their spellings on Monday 16th January.

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf

This term we have enjoyed reading the story of Mouse Bird Snake Wolf. By the end of the term we had written our own versions of the story, made our stories into an animated movie and made them into comic strip!

I was given permission by Mrs Quirk to make a school YouTube account which means that you can view all of the movies everyone in Year 4 has made. I have ensured there are no faces of the children included in the films, sometimes an occasional hand can be seen! if you would like to watch the movies please use the link below:


In Maths this term we have been working really hard at multiplying and dividing numbers. Everyone within the class can now complete calculations like the ones shown below:


Our times tables scores continue to keep improving: Amy V, Seb and Laura are currently completing the division calculations sheet! Amy H managed to increase her score, last week, from 77 to 100!!! William managed to increase his score by 9 more and Oliver L has made it into the 90’s!! Keep up the good work 4P!

Please can everyone remember to bring in their PE kit on the first day back as we will be having PE! The children have written into their planners that they are learning Set 1 of their spellings, however they will not be tested on these until Monday 9th January!

Finally have a lovely relaxing Christmas!

Image result for christmas



Magic Monday!

We started the week off with a very exciting assembly. We were lucky enough to be joined by some magicians who bamboozled us with their tricks! Year 5 were really lucky though as they got to learn some of the tricks from the magicians.


On Tuesday we had a special visit from Mrs Grimble, she came to see how well her class was getting on and to look at the English books. We were lucky enough to squeeze in enough time to debate whether we thought Little Ben and Sue were doing the right thing by making new animals for the planet.


In Maths we have been working hard on division, We were all able to remember how to divide using arrays last year which meant we could move onto division using the bus stop method. some of us were even able to do this without any place value counters! In our times tables test this week we have two very special mentions: Jake managed to increase his score by 29 points, and Laura was able to get another 100% in her division facts sheet! Amazing work you two, keep up the good work!

In English next week we would all really like to make our own animal, to add to the world, out of natural resources. Therefore it would be really helpful if the children could bring in leaves, twigs, pine cones etc. Please can these come in, in a plastic bag so on Tuesday when it comes to making them they wont have been lost within the classroom or trays!

Parents evening

It was lovely this week to meet everyone and many new faces! I am hoping by now you have had a copy of your Parent’s Evening Sheet bought home, if not please do pop in and see me and I can get you a copy.

In Maths this week we enjoyed being able multiply two numbers together using a column method. Lots of us found this much easier than the grid method! On Friday we were able to complete word problems, William was the first to finish! In times tables this week we have two special mentions: Hannah managed to improve her score by 23 points, Amy V who managed to get her 3rd 100% and is now moving onto the division sheet. Finally Laura managed to get 100% on her second attempt of the division sheet! Well done girlies, keep up the good work!



In Computing this week all of the children were given their own personal log in for My Maths – this is also written at the bottom of your Parent’s Evening sheet. the children will have homework on My Maths soon however at the moment please do let them log in and have a play on some of the games. We also started to design our ‘sets’ for our movie of ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf.’

Currently as I type the children are having their last street dance session, however on a Friday they will still be doing PE but with myself.


This week everyone in 4P enjoyed being able to spend Monday at home doing lots of fun and exciting activities!

On Tuesday we finished our last swimming session for this year. Thank you very much for remembering to send in swimming bits on a Tuesday. Due to us not having swimming on a Tuesday anymore it now means that we will be having PE on a Tuesday so everyone needs to remember their PE for Tuesday! This also means that we no longer need to remember out PE on Wednesday. Although we still have street dance on a Friday afternoon for a few more weeks,

In Maths this week we have enjoyed being able to investigate factors, culminating in being able to make our own factor fireworks! A special mention to Matthew this week who is yet to go backwards on his times tables scores; he always beats his previous week’s score! William this week managed to improve his score by 6 marks, which is amazing! Also to Amy H who improved her score by 10 marks, keep up the good work!

In English this week we have started to investigate our book of Mouse, Snake, Bird, Wolf. We were able to freeze frame the God’s thoughts of their planet they had created! This meant we were even allowed to lie on the desks during our lesson!gods 1gods 2


DT update from Miss Howe

Design and Technology

This term 4P have been designing and building different styles of bridges, using a range of materials. Each session they made different styles of bridges. The first ones were made out of boxes and used soup cans. Then stronger bridges were made which had to carry as many 2p coins as possible out of paper, sticks and polerstiring shapes! Finally, making bridges out of cocktail sticks and jelly beans which they really enjoyed and tried very hard not to eat!!


Overall everyone enjoyed learning more about the different bridges and designing their own ones in groups.

Quotes from 4P

‘I enjoyed making a bridge out of cocktail sticks and jelly beans’ – Edie Digney

‘I liked building the bridge out of sweets because it was fun and I got to work with my friend Amy.’ – Harvey Giles

Times Tables

Class 4P are improving at a fast rate, times table scores are continuing to improve each week. Congratulations to Laura Ball for being the first one to score 100 three weeks in a row,  therefor being the first one moving onto the next level. Matthew Timms who this week increased his score but an outstanding thirteen marks, deserves a big well done to. I am sure it wont be long until many more start moving onto the next level. Keep practising your tables over half term.

‘I feel really good this week because normally I only improve by a few marks but this week I scored thirteen more’ –  Matthew Timms

**News Flash**

Just a reminder no children are due in school on Monday the 31st October, we are all back on the Tuesday which will also be our last swimming lesson to.




Lost Happy Endings

This week we have enjoyed being able to write our own description of the horrible evil witch from Lost Happy Endings.

The witch is the ugliest thing you’ll ever see – Matthew

The witch has straggly white hair like a cloud torn apart and her eyes are red like motel lava – Francesca

She had a twisted face like an ancient silver birch – Harvey

The villain spits out green spittle – Ethan

In Maths we have all been able to move onto column subtraction with regrouping in the ones, tens and hundreds. Then on Friday we were able to make up our own word problems and give them to our partners to solve! A special mention to Laura who was the only person this week to get 100% in her times tables test. Well done Laura!! Fingers crossed she can get 100% next week and she will move on to the next sheet!

In RE the tables were given the chance to make a poster about different items which we linked to the Bible. They were only given 10 minutes to make the poster; which has to include pictures, writing and a title! I think everyone did an amazing job and what makes it more spectacular is that every group came up with different ways the items could be linked with the Bible.


please can I remind everyone that the homework stuck in the grammar homework book this week DOES NOT have to be done in half term, it can be done before half term and handed in. Or if your child would like to spend more time on it over half term then they are more than welcome to!


This week we started to investigate our new book, Lost Happy Endings. At the start of the week we were introduced to the book and started to write our own description of the forest which Jub was caught by the witch in.

The strong wind sails through the sleeping leaves as boots sink into the soft brown mud. Foxes sprint through the trees. While they are swaying in the air, birds chirp as they fly past. Bluebells cover the hidden path. Colourful petals shine through the gaps in the trees making patterns like dancing butterflies. Lois Fields

As a full moon rose she printed, screaming through the magical forest. Gloomy trees lurched over her terrified face. Foxes in the background were dipping their tails. She could smell maroon wild strawberries. Grass was whipping at her fingers while the leaves were turning like pages in a book. Birds wings were slicing through the air as the taste of fear filled her mouth. Isaac Stringer

A special mention to 4 children who managed to get 100% in their times tables this week, well done Sebastian, Edie, Laura and Francesca. Also a special mention to Milo who managed to increase his times tables score by 18, James who managed to increase his score by 20 and Odin who increased his score by 27! Keep up the good work boys!

On Thursday we were treated to a lovely Harvest festival, put together by Mrs Clark and Mrs Grimble. Everyone within 4P learnt many new facts about bread. A special mention to Sophie, Georgia and Archie who were brave enough to stand up in front of everyone and read parts of Psalm 65.


Please can I remind everyone that all instruments need to be in school on MONDAY! Also that we are swimming again on Tuesday so please can all swimming kit be in school. Finally next week 4P will start street dance, meaning that PE kit also needs to be in on Friday.

Trumpets, trombones and cornets!

This week we were able to start taking our musical instruments home with us! This proved much excitement on Monday! The children at the moment just need to make sure they can make a noise with the instrument, they do not need to worry about playing notes! Can all the children remember NOT to bring their instruments in on Monday please as we are having a practice run through for Harvest Festival on Thursday.

In Maths this week we were able to start adding in a compact method rather than expanded method addition. Some of us were than able to move onto regrouping in the tens and hundreds. Please feel free to practice this with your child at home over the weekend so they can show you their new easy adding skill! A special mention to 2 children who managed to get 100% in their times tables this week, well done Sebastian and Francesca. Also a special mention to Milo who managed to increase his times tables score by 20 and William who increased his score by 14! Keep up the good work boys!


In Literacy this week we finished look at the Tear Thief by writing a diary entry in role. While studying the Tear Thief we have enjoyed being able to write about our tears, which can now be found hanging on a display outside the Year 4 classrooms. Also we all enjoyed being in role as the Tear Thief thinking about how she would be feeling when she was finally able to steal the most precious tears. This means that next week we will start exploring the book Lost Happy Endings.

Please can I remind everyone that we will be swimming on TUESDAY so please can your children remember their swimming stuff.

To the river….

This week we were very lucky to have Mr Casewell come in and see us in our Computing lesson. He was able to tell us about his job and everything else to do with network engineering. We were able to build our own network within the classroom to transport a message. Mr Casewell was also able to ask many of our questions regarding which was the most expensive website in the world. Also Mr Casewell explained how the messages were sent to different countries via wiring under the sea.

mr casewell

Thursday was the highlight of our week! 4P were able to go to Horton Kirby Environmental Education Centre. While we were there we were able to go to the river. Using our rubber ducks we were able to take measurements as to how fast the current was moving! Then when we got back to the centre we were able to make our own rivers; ensuring we had stopped any erosion from happening, some of us had tributaries and we all tried to ensure we had a meander in the river.

river trip 4P

There are a few videos of us releasing our ducks and timing how quickly they get to the other end.

A special mention to Isla who managed to increase her times tables score by 27! Amazing work Isla!