Yabba Dabba Dooo….!!!!!

What an absolutely fantastic ‘Flintstone Day’ Class 3 had on Thursday!! The children arrived at school looking like mini Stone Age men and women- their costumes were all brilliant and everyone had made such an effort to get into role!!

The day began with a visit from The School History Workshop. This was led by Steve and Vicky who had brought in with them some actual Stone Age artefacts that the children were allowed to handle, find out what they were used for and how they were used. Steve and Vicky were so informative and we all learnt so much about the changes that happened in daily life in the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.

Class 3 also learnt how to bury their dead as if they were living in the Stone Age. Lenny was our ‘guinea pig’ as we pretended to bury him in the ‘crouch position’ and send him into the afterlife with offerings of food, drink, toys and anything else that we felt he may find useful!!

During the afternoon, the children enjoyed a carousel of three different activities: they decorated Stone Henge cakes, made little Stone Age people that they then made up plays with and they also coloured a Stone Age scene. We ended then day by reading the story ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura  which tells the tale of a little boy who ends up living in the Stone Age for a while and learns many of the facts that Class 3 have discovered over the last few weeks.

The children showed themselves to be really careful listeners during the day and participated in all the activities seriously and sensibly so that they could make the most of their special day of learning. Very well done Class 3!! You were all amazing! Thank you also to all of the parents and carers who provided their children with such wonderful and authentic costumes!



Let it snow…!! Let it snow…!!

Class 3 have been very busy planning and producing their own information leaflets. We all became slightly concerned after reading ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells, that the villagers of Ivan’s land may get stuck in the snow and would not know how to survive!

So the children studied information leaflets and decided what features made them eye catching and easy to read. They decided that they needed a title, pictures with captions, sub headings and labelled diagrams. With this knowledge they then set to work making their own leaflets. Class 3 learnt how to keep warm by layering clothes, drinking and eating warm food and insulating their homes. They learnt how to build a fire in the snow and make a snow cave. Using this information the children designed and arranged their information leaflets. The results are absolutely fantastic as they all worked so hard and took a great deal of care producing them to a high standard.

As the weather gets colder, if you are at all worried about how you may survive in the cold or in a snow blizzard, please feel free to pop into Class 3 and pick up one of our super information leaflets!!

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Toot Toot!

Year 3 have begun learning the recorder.


Miss Marsh has taught us how to hold the recorder correctly ensuring our fingers cover the holes.We then gently blow and the music flows. We have discovered it can be quite tricky to make a beautiful sound,  further practice is to be recommended! In time, we will be learning to read the music and play the corresponding notes.This is a wonderful introduction to musical notation. It is advisable for each child to own a recorder and these can be bought at a very reasonable price from the school office. Please make sure it is named. We look forward to playing for you later in the year.


Please watch the video below to practise playing note E


Back to the Stone Age!!!

Our Stone Age topic in Class 3 has really got under way in the past couple of weeks! As well as finding out how we know about the Stone Age through the work of archaeologists, the children have studied some Stone Age artefacts, finding out what they were made from and what they were used for. They have also made pinch pots out of clay which they have carved decoration in to and will paint them when they are fully dry.

The children’s’ artistic talents came to the fore when they created abstract Stone Henge pictures using tissue paper and black sugar paper. This made a silhouette effect of the giant stones! Class 3 enjoyed making their own colours using things from nature to create cave art. They used blackberries, charcoal and earth and mixed these with vegetable oil that could be brushed on to their cave drawings to add colour. The results were fantastic!

We are now all really looking forward to our ‘Flintstone Day’ on Thursday 20th October when we will be dressing up as cave people and have the School History Workshop visiting us!!

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A rocking good time!

An exciting week for Year 3 with a trip to Sevenoaks Wildlife Centre where we learnt more about rocks and fossils. We began by discussing different types of rocks and then had the opportunity of making a fossil out of plaster. First we moulded a piece of clay, made an imprint, poured plaster into the mould, waited for it to set and then carefully removed the mould to discover a fossil! (You may like to try this at home). Next we embarked upon a rock hunt discovering many fragments in the vicinity which we then sorted into the correct category of igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rock.

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Feeling The Chill In Class 3…!!!

Despite the hot weather outside this week, Class 3 have been cooling off in the classroom as we have started to study our Power of Reading book for this half term: ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells! This week the children have been using adjectives and similes to describe snowy landscapes and have written their own version of the beginning of the book, setting the scene and creating tension! They have also written this fantastic class poem describing a chilly scene:

‘Winter long and cold as an icicle,

Frost glittered like a diamond necklace on a spider’s web,

The snow lay white and shimmering on the distant hills,

The everlasting winding path glistened in the snowy distance,

The icy blanket surrounded the frosty tree,

Breathing in clouds around me,

Disappearing rabbits in the sinking snow,

Lonely snow laying on the icy mountains,

Frosty sparkling pavements,

Icicles hanging like a wizard’s beard from the trees.

Image result for the ice palace robert swindells

Class 3 are also looking forward to their trip next week to Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve to study rocks and fossils in detail for the day! Fingers crossed that the weather won’t be too hot or that it doesn’t rain as most of the activities are outside! We are sure however, that everyone will have a fun day out and the children will really extend their learning in their new science topic!

Welcome Back From Class 3!!

Mrs Clark, Mrs Turner, Mrs Inns and Class 3 would like to warmly welcome back everyone at St. John’s after the Summer break. We hope that you all had a fun and restful holiday with plenty of time to re charge the batteries before another action packed year!

Class 3 have already had a busy week settling in to new routines and beginning new and exciting learning opportunities. In Maths lessons, we have started off the year practising our place value skills and realising the value of each digit in a number. The children have also shown us this week that they are experts at recognising and writing nouns, verbs and adjectives in sentences! We have even managed to become geologists for the afternoon, starting our Rocks and Fossils topic in Science, whilst in History, we have started our Stone Age topic! Watch this space for more detail on these topics as the weeks pass!

A very big well done for all the fabulous holiday homework! There has been so much hard work and creativity that has gone in to them! The winners of the 3 best ones will be announced in assembly next week!! Homework has also been sent out for the first time this week- this includes just spellings and grammar for the first week. The grammar books need to be given in by next Tuesday and the spellings will be tested next Friday.

So,  we have had a very busy first week and the children have had a lot to take in and remember, but they have all managed extremely well and worked very hard! A fantastic start to the new academic year! Well done Class 3!! Keep up the good work!!

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Spelling Bee

As promised in my last blog, here are a selection of photos from Mrs Goodman’s visit on Friday. She taught us so much about Judaism and we joined in with a Shabbat meal, sang and read letters in Hebrew and tasted challah bread, matzo and apples dipped in honey!



Tuesday was golf day with 60 children shuttling backwards and forwards to the driving range. The children got to hit the balls and played lots of different games too. All the children enjoyed the experience and the Golf Pro was awarding house points for each activity. We are waiting to hear which house won (I hope it was Darwin!)

golf day out


Thank you for joining us at the Summer music concert on Wednesday at the Ship Theatre. The children played and sang beautifully. They have learnt a lot this year about musical notation, intonation and rhythm and this showed during their superb performance. They were all a great credit to the school and to you as their parents.

This morning we will be having an assembly led by Sevenoaks library to encourage children to join the summer reading challenge. I hope that you will think about joining with your child and enjoying lots of books over the Summer!


Finally, don’t forget our class spelling bee on Tuesday morning. Information about this you will find in their planners. The children have been challenged to remind themselves of the words we have been learning this year for a spelling bee challenge on Tuesday. Please help them rise to the challenge by practising the words over the weekend.




We began this week by looking at the cover of our new book, that we will be working on in our literacy lessons, and deciding whether we thought we might enjoy this story. The majority of the class thought that they would and after reading the first chapter this had changed to everyone!



We explored the characters of Ruskin and Elvis. Ruskin is small and thin and wants to be a hero whilst Elvis is big and mean and everyone is afraid of him. We now can’t wait to find out who or what Krindlekrax is!

Wednesday was a glorious day. The sun shone and everyone had fun at this years sports day. It was amazing to see the children try their best at all their events with everyone encouraging and congratulating each other. The children said that they enjoyed seeing the winners stand on the podium and loved the ice cream!

On Thursday, the children had a visit from firefighter Gareth who spoke to them about the importance of having and testing a smoke alarm plus the advantage of knowing how to escape from their house should there be a fire.


Today, we are very fortunate to welcome our Judaism visitor, Mrs Goodman. She will be taking us through the rituals of Shabbat including the prayers and sharing the food with us whilst explaining its significance. We are really looking forward to welcoming her and have prepared lots of questions to ask her.

In my blog next week, I will post photos of her visit.

Give us a clue!

This has been a busy week!

After our preparations of last week, we were ready to write our biographies on our chosen sport’s personality. Using their planning sheets from their homework, they wrote amazing biographies including all the features of this genre of writing. Once complete, they wrote their work in their neatest handwriting and we created books using their front covers from another homework. They look fabulous and the children are very proud of them. We will be putting them on display in our classroom next week.

380         381

In maths, we have been working with function machines. On Wednesday, I challenged the children to solve a problem whereby they had 4 numbers going into the function machine and 4 different numbers came out. The function machine used 3 different operations to change the numbers and the children had to work out what these could be.  It was a difficult problem for them to reason with but they all tried very hard. To help them solve it, I sold some of the children a clue for 5 points which they deducted from the 50 points I gave them at the beginning of the lesson! We all really enjoyed the challenge.

We have been looking at the food we eat, where it comes from and how it has changed from farm to fork. The children researched a food and created a PowerPoint on the changes it may go through before it arrives in the supermarket.

382            383

Here we are using our new non-fiction library to add to our research on food.


379   377    375   376