How Time Flies…!!!

We cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by this academic year and that we are already in week 2 of the Summer term! Class 3 ended last term performing in the Easter service at St. John’s Church. They fully embraced the opportunity and acted the Easter story brilliantly, each child having a role to play and speaking their lines clearly and with expression. The children had fully studied the story in class and during assemblies which meant that they had a comprehensive understanding of the story and what it means to Christians. We were very sad to see Mrs Inns leave the class as our TA at the end of the Spring term as she took the opportunity to work back in publishing. We wish her every happiness in her new job but will miss her very much and are very grateful for everything that she did for the teachers and children of Class 3.

So what is in store for the children of Class 3 this term? We have just started studying our new book for this term- ‘African Tales’ by Gcina Mhlophe. This is a beautifully illustrated book which tells of traditional African tales from different countries in Africa and we are looking forward to expanding our language skills and learning about the diversity of African culture by hearing some of these stories. Term 5 has a real African theme to it as we have also begun a topic on Ancient Egypt. The children seem quite excited to learn about the process of mummification!! After a visit from The Historical Characters Workshop in May, we are sure that Class 3 will develop their understanding and knowledge of this historical era even further!

As Spring is beginning and the weather is becoming warmer, it seems a perfect time to begin a Science project on Plants and Flowers. The children will be investigating the different parts and functions of plants, recognising what they need to live and grow and exploring the role of flowers in the life cycle of plants. In Maths, we are continuing work on fractions- Class 3 are becoming experts in developing their understanding of equivalent fractions through handling fraction apparatus and looking at pictorial representations. We will end this half term by studying the properties of shapes.

There seems no end to the diverse learning opportunities that the children are exposed to! Class 3 have started to learn Street Dance with Mrs Moore on a Friday afternoon. This will culminate in them performing in the Summer Production. Moreover, each child is also taking part in horse riding on a Wednesday afternoon for a series of four weeks where they will learn basic horse riding skills and also stable management.

What a busy term then is in store!! Throughout all of this learning, we are also so proud of how the children are developing and learning to express to each other our 4 Christian values of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and trust within every day life at school. These core values are taught to the children in every aspect of school life, whether in the classroom or in the playground. Class 3 are learning that, even though it is not always easy, these values make our classroom and school a happy, fun and productive place to be.


The Story So Far…

When looking back at what Year 3 have been up to since the start of 2017, it is just so amazing to reflect on the extent of the learning opportunities the children have had, how they have made the very most of them and have progressed both academically and emotionally. What a delightful group of children they are and their teachers are very proud of them!

Class 3 are always ready to listen and learn new skills in all areas of school life. Over the course of the term whilst studying ‘Moon Man’ by Tomi Ungerer and ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes, the children have developed their poetry, story, diary, persuasive and newspaper writing skills. An impressive list of genres! They are consistently proving themselves to be excellent and creative writers. Recently, the children had to write in the style of Ted Hughes using certain techniques- not an easy task to do- but they produced fantastic and mature pieces of writing.

The children have been working hard learning their times tables and their related division facts. The tension is high every Friday when they try to beat their tables scores in our weekly challenge! They have been putting their tables knowledge to good use during our maths topic of multiplication and division. The children have learnt to apply their knowledge to multiplication work with arrays and using the grid method to solve calculations. They have also learnt to divide using the ‘bus stop’ method. We were extremely impressed with how well the children could tell the time and solve some tricky time problems! For the last couple of weeks, Class 3 have been studying fractions and have developed their understanding well in this difficult topic! They are excellent at identifying and comparing fractions and have even been able to add and subtract simple fractions!

As well as carrying out some fun experiments to learn about forces and magnets, Class 3 have also been looking at healthy diets in humans and animals. They have studied the Celts for half a term and are now learning map skills in Geography whilst finding out about the continents and countries of the World.

With 3 weeks to go of this term, there is still plenty more learning to come! Class 3 are very much looking forward to taking a lead role in our Easter service at St. John’s Church at the end of this term! What a wonderful way for them to end the Spring term! Excellent Class 3! Keep up the outstanding work that you are doing- you are a joy to teach!

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What on earth!

This week we concluded our Rocks and Soils Topic with an investigation.

We found out which type of soil was the most permeable.

Mrs Clark provided three different types of soil and some beakers, funnels, measuring jugs and a timer. We set up an experiment to see which soil allowed water to flow through easily. In order for the test to be fair we needed to make sure that the same amount of soil was put into the funnels and the same amount of water was poured through at the same time. We then timed the water for 5 minutes and discovered that the most permeable soil was the compost soil which was largely grass cuttings, leaves and dirt. The most absorbent soil proved to be the sandy soil. Several of us linked this to the difficulty we experience when trying to fill the moat around a sandcastle because the seawater continually soaks away! Ted told us to ‘Line the moat with pebbles and stones,’ I wonder why?

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Pass The Pebble!!

Class 3 have begun to study the book ‘Pebble In My Pocket’ by Meredith Hooper. They started by passing a pebble around and each child had to use their senses to describe it, coming up with their own adjectives, phrases and similes.

The children then illustrated their pebble with pastels and wrote their descriptive words and phrases around it:


We all then gathered together as a class and created our own amazing class poem where the children selected their favourite and most powerful descriptive words and phrases:

My Pebble

My pebble is round and glittery like a beautiful star in the inky sky,

Quietly, it moves under the shiny, sparkly and shimmering sea,

Crystals sparkle like a diamond necklace,

As round as the colossal Earth,

As cold as slate,

Creamy grey like a pom pom on a hat,

The sea crashing against the pebble on a beach like horses’ hooves,

A white round pebble lays lazily on the beach,

Soft and peachy like a hyena’s skin in the hot desert,

The sandy, rough and spotted pebble is like a 3 coloured rainbow,

Like a thunderstorm cloud in the gloomy sky,

The sea rocks the pebble to and fro like a see saw,

Rough, bumpy and sandy like concrete.

By Class 3.

Year 3 were rightly proud of their poem and enjoyed reading it as a class performance! Excellent work Class 3!!

Welcome to Term 2!!

On behalf of the staff and children of Year 3, a very warm welcome back to everyone after the Half Term break! We hope that you all enjoyed a restful week and managed to enjoy the wonderfully sunny autumnal days!

Class 3 have returned to school fighting fit and have definitely shown that they are ready to work very hard again this term! They have written their ‘hot task’ quest stories this week based on the book ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells and have included in them many of the writing techniques that they learnt last term such as adding adjectives, similes and adverbs. As well as setting the scene in their stories, introducing their characters, creating a problem and resolving it, the children have also learnt how to vary their sentence length to add tension or to write description. Brilliant- very well done Class 3- you are all super writers!

Next week we are excited to start studying our new book for the term, ‘Pebble In My Pocket’ by Meredith Hooper, in which the history of a simple pebble is explained. This is a beautiful book to stimulate interest in the natural world. It also fits in really well alongside our Science project on Rocks and Fossils and this term’s topic on Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

So we are all looking forward to another busy, productive and fun term of learning in Year 3!


Yabba Dabba Dooo….!!!!!

What an absolutely fantastic ‘Flintstone Day’ Class 3 had on Thursday!! The children arrived at school looking like mini Stone Age men and women- their costumes were all brilliant and everyone had made such an effort to get into role!!

The day began with a visit from The School History Workshop. This was led by Steve and Vicky who had brought in with them some actual Stone Age artefacts that the children were allowed to handle, find out what they were used for and how they were used. Steve and Vicky were so informative and we all learnt so much about the changes that happened in daily life in the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.

Class 3 also learnt how to bury their dead as if they were living in the Stone Age. Lenny was our ‘guinea pig’ as we pretended to bury him in the ‘crouch position’ and send him into the afterlife with offerings of food, drink, toys and anything else that we felt he may find useful!!

During the afternoon, the children enjoyed a carousel of three different activities: they decorated Stone Henge cakes, made little Stone Age people that they then made up plays with and they also coloured a Stone Age scene. We ended then day by reading the story ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura  which tells the tale of a little boy who ends up living in the Stone Age for a while and learns many of the facts that Class 3 have discovered over the last few weeks.

The children showed themselves to be really careful listeners during the day and participated in all the activities seriously and sensibly so that they could make the most of their special day of learning. Very well done Class 3!! You were all amazing! Thank you also to all of the parents and carers who provided their children with such wonderful and authentic costumes!



Let it snow…!! Let it snow…!!

Class 3 have been very busy planning and producing their own information leaflets. We all became slightly concerned after reading ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells, that the villagers of Ivan’s land may get stuck in the snow and would not know how to survive!

So the children studied information leaflets and decided what features made them eye catching and easy to read. They decided that they needed a title, pictures with captions, sub headings and labelled diagrams. With this knowledge they then set to work making their own leaflets. Class 3 learnt how to keep warm by layering clothes, drinking and eating warm food and insulating their homes. They learnt how to build a fire in the snow and make a snow cave. Using this information the children designed and arranged their information leaflets. The results are absolutely fantastic as they all worked so hard and took a great deal of care producing them to a high standard.

As the weather gets colder, if you are at all worried about how you may survive in the cold or in a snow blizzard, please feel free to pop into Class 3 and pick up one of our super information leaflets!!

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Toot Toot!

Year 3 have begun learning the recorder.


Miss Marsh has taught us how to hold the recorder correctly ensuring our fingers cover the holes.We then gently blow and the music flows. We have discovered it can be quite tricky to make a beautiful sound,  further practice is to be recommended! In time, we will be learning to read the music and play the corresponding notes.This is a wonderful introduction to musical notation. It is advisable for each child to own a recorder and these can be bought at a very reasonable price from the school office. Please make sure it is named. We look forward to playing for you later in the year.


Please watch the video below to practise playing note E


Back to the Stone Age!!!

Our Stone Age topic in Class 3 has really got under way in the past couple of weeks! As well as finding out how we know about the Stone Age through the work of archaeologists, the children have studied some Stone Age artefacts, finding out what they were made from and what they were used for. They have also made pinch pots out of clay which they have carved decoration in to and will paint them when they are fully dry.

The children’s’ artistic talents came to the fore when they created abstract Stone Henge pictures using tissue paper and black sugar paper. This made a silhouette effect of the giant stones! Class 3 enjoyed making their own colours using things from nature to create cave art. They used blackberries, charcoal and earth and mixed these with vegetable oil that could be brushed on to their cave drawings to add colour. The results were fantastic!

We are now all really looking forward to our ‘Flintstone Day’ on Thursday 20th October when we will be dressing up as cave people and have the School History Workshop visiting us!!

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A rocking good time!

An exciting week for Year 3 with a trip to Sevenoaks Wildlife Centre where we learnt more about rocks and fossils. We began by discussing different types of rocks and then had the opportunity of making a fossil out of plaster. First we moulded a piece of clay, made an imprint, poured plaster into the mould, waited for it to set and then carefully removed the mould to discover a fossil! (You may like to try this at home). Next we embarked upon a rock hunt discovering many fragments in the vicinity which we then sorted into the correct category of igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rock.

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