Buzz’s week

Buzz is starting to get to know his routine at St John’s, and springs out the car and dashes in to the school ready for all the attention!  He even comes into the office, but to be honest, is more a distraction than anything else as he’s so cuddly and strokable.


On Thursday he came to Harvest Festival and enjoyed sniffing around all the harvest goodies and watching the singing before deciding it was time for a snooze.

Buzz Harvest

On Thursday afternoon class 1 were practicing their handwriting, and the letters ‘ff’ accompanied by the line ‘scruffy dog’, so Buzz went in for inspiration.  As the class were so quiet and hard working, he fell asleep again under the table with a comfy book bag for a pillow!

yr 1 table

Buzz’s first week!

Buzz came to school for the first time last Monday, the 19th of September, and was a very well behaved puppy, and quite a hit in the playground!  We’re working on teaching him to sit, and greet people with all 4 paws on the floor!  The children have joined me in saying that to him, “4 paws on the floor Buzz”!


He had a tour of the school, walked around the playground at lunchtime and played in the field, and then was exhausted and slept a lot on the floor in my office!


Buzz asleep


Buzz gives excellent hugs and is as soft as velvet, and we’re looking forward to watching him become a first class ‘outstanding’ school dog!